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Music & Language

There is lots of evidence of a link between spoken language and music but no one knows exactly what it is. This is why approaches like Sound Therapy have a problem being accepted by mainstream science. No one can explain how it works. This 2002 study gives a little bit a clue: Voxel-based morphometry reveals increased gray matter density in Broca’s area in male symphony orchestra musicians .
This snappily titled report shows that in orchestral musicians one of the areas of the brain linked to language is larger than in non-musicians. There are two explanations for this. Either people born with larger Broca’s Areas have a tendency to become musicians or playing classical music can increase the size of your Broca’s Area. Now there is no evidence I can find that directly links the size of Broca’s Area to language ability but it is certain damage to Broca’s Area impairs language. So it is probable that stimulating and enlarging Broca’s Area would help child with dyslexia and other language problems.