Mystery Noise In New Zealand

On Boing Boing they highlighting the case of a strange noise being heard by some people in New Zealand that sound experts are researching. This is reminiscent of the Bristol Hum which was investigated by British Gas after a person was driven to suicide by the noise. In the Bristol case many of the people effected had hearing problems but some had highly sensitive ears and were able to detect sound from up to 5 km away.
This just highlights the diverse range of hearing people can have. I wonder how many children in classrooms are disturbed by the humming of neon lights or the drone of the heating system’s pump that no one else can hear.


  1. catherine

    The noise is caused by infrasound. Telecommunications and Windfarms cause the noise. Where they have rolled out the Airwave tetra system in the UK people have reported hearing the hum. See tetrawatch on the web or mast victoms.I would like to know if any one has nose bleeds skin rashes sleep disruption with this noise. Catherine

  2. The hum in the south of England 40 – 50 years ago, slowly travelled across. I think it went from Bristol to Beachy Head.
    This was a mixed sound: a rising and falling whine with a low frequency growl.
    My wife and I heard it at Chalfont St Giles. It was reported as audible in very specific locations (eg middle cottage of three.) We heard it in a lane where you could step in and out of the sound over a metre or so.

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