Neurogenesis is the growth of new neurons (the brains gray matter). For many years it was believed this only happened in children but over recent years it is clear that it can happen at any point during your life. Developing Intelligence has an excellent post on Modeling Neurogenesis


  1. I found the report on neurogenesis to be interesting. It seems that the brain is a little more complicated than we originally thought(bit of an understatement).

    There has also been debate on how the brain’s neurophysiology has increasingly changed throughout the past few thousands years – contradicting the traditional assumption that the brain had not had much change since the dawn of man (see my post on “Understanding Chromosome 8”).

    p.s. good post

  2. The idea that the brain has changed rapidly over the last few thousand years has wide ranging implications. Did our brains change because we discovered writing or did we discover writing because our brains changed? What does this mean for the effect modern society is having on young brains today? We will see another big shift in mental ability?

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