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Of Mice and Mercury: Big Heads and Thimerosal

A few days ago I covered a study showing that autistic children develop larger heads. My take on the story was that as there this may be evidence against the autism / mercury link because growth happened after birth but before vaccinations began. In response to this, Dr King contacted me with a copy of a letter he had sent to the Archives of General Psychiatry.
The full text of the letter is below but in summary experiments where certain strains of mice are exposed to thimerosal resulted in larger brains and autistic like problems. Suggesting that the development of larger heads in autistic children could be a symptom of mercury poisoning.

Brain Size & Mercury Poisoning

Please review Mady Hornig, David Chian, and W. Ian Lipkin, IMMEDIATE COMMUNICATION, “Neurotoxic effects of postnatal thimerosal are mouse strain dependent,” Molecular Psychiatry, pages 1-13, (Jun 8, 2004). [ PDF ]

Here the innoculation of one strain of mice with Thimerosal at development times and amounts comparable to the childhood vacination schedule for humans resulted in “autism”-like mice and “larger” brains — attributed to mercury’s immunigenic/autoimmunigenic-triggering effects.

Thus, this article’s findings are “expected” and point to the fact that low-level in-utero poisoning is a fact of life (e.g., though only about 15% of population, Rh-negative mothers are the mothers of about 50% of diagnosed “autism” cases => source of Hg poisoning => Rho Gam preserved with Thimerosal available (and in date into at least 2002), and, in the U.S., “Reduced Thimerosal” Rho Gam, which continues to be available and is the product most used in Rh incompatability cases).

If the authors want to truly break new ground, then let them develop an MRI imaging procedure to non-invasively measure the mercury level and mercury distribution in children with DSM “autism” and those without — and if you want to be complete repeated monitoring of children diagnosed with “mercury toxicity” and “heavy metal toxicity” pre-chelation and then during & after a set of chelation cycles with DMSA or DMPS to see how the mercury distribution and levels change during this therapy — which has been demonstrated to result in measureable improvement in most of the children so treated PROVIDED their other health problems have been appropriately addressed and appropriate supportive mineral supplementation furnished to maintain the proper levels of the beneficial metal ions that chelation also removes.


Dr. King


  1. Phyllis Minkus

    Is it safe to give male infant (14 months old) continuing vaccinations if he has shown some signs of growth delay. Does not always respond to his name. Lack of eye contact. Large head. Does not repeat any word sounds. Other than that has all normal signs of development. Also how can we determine if the vaccinatoins being given by pediatrician have thimerasal in the them. Thank you for your help.

  2. I must say first off that I am not a doctor or trained in anything related to childcare so please use your own judgment whether to follow my advice or not.

    There is very little evidence linking thimerasal to autism. There is some evidence linking autism to a build up of mercury in the body from air pollution and contaminate fish but it is a long way from being proven. The dangers of your children dying or being permanently harmed by TB, measles and similar diseases are far higher than the dangers from autism.

    If you are concerned about either of your children’s development then seek out a specialist who can check them out properly. Early diagnosis and treatment leads to more successful treatments.


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