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Adult ADHD linked to Dopamine

Genetic link to ADHD

Small pilot study gives American kids same Omega-3 levels as Japanese kids and finds a improvement in behavior – New study adds to evidence that Omega 3 helps treat ADHD

Cogmed, the makers of Robomemo make the news as an ADHD game.

Are Side Effects of ADHD Drugs Worse Than ADHD Symptoms?


The British Dyslexia Association has released new guidance to employers regarding dyslexics in the workplace.


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Which web sites are the most significant for human progress? Off the top of my head I can think of three that make a real difference not just to me but all of humanity. Wikipedia is one, Google Scholar is another but my third choice may not be so familiar, MIT Open Courseware.

MIT is one of the major US university and a centre for world class teaching and research. A few years ago it started releasing its course notes and lectures free over the internet. Allowing anyone to access top-notch education materials that were previously only available to a tiny handful of people.

The range of courses is amazing, covering astronautics to women’s studies. For the Myomancy reader, there are courses on the Neural Basis of Movement, the Neural Basis of Learning and Memory or Language and Mind. These courses are not cut down, bite-sized chunks but educational material designed for top-class university students. Consequently they are hard work. However if you really want to improve your understanding of a subject, there is no better resource.

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Why do millions of parents give their kids stimulants such as Ritalin or Adderall despite the health risks? The simple answer is because many children show an immediate improvement in behaviour when taking they start taking them. To a worried and stressed parent this can seem like a miracle and worth putting up with the drug’s side-effects. The trouble is that the drugs do not treat the underlying causes of ADHD (whatever you believe them to be). The human body also builds up a tolerance to the drugs requiring ever high-doses and it may expose the child to serious problems when they reach adulthood.

My thoughts on this were prompted by a post on My ADD Blog featuring a video made by an parent and his ADHD child, talking about how medication has dramatically helped. Its worth watching in order to understand the appeal of medication. It also touches on the role of parent’s with ADHD and how that effects their children.

Watch the video: Lil’ Renetto… talking about ADHD… and making videos...

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The Eide Neurolearning Blog has a good post on the difference between poor readers who have problems decoding the text and poor readers who have problems comprehending the text.

In this very straightforward study, the authors point out the mistake of thinking that interventions should be the same for all readers in the poor reading group. Children with dyslexia and children with a more generalized language disorder have different learning needs, but they can’t be distinguished by comprehension alone.

Beyond the Poor Reading Group


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Dr Temple Grandin has a legendary ability to read the animal mind and understand animal behaviour when no one else can. But this is no feat … of telepathy; her explanation is simple. She’s convinced she experiences the world much as an animal does and that it’s all down to her autistic brain.

This is a documentary broadcast on the BBC earlier this year that I managed to miss but I’m delighted to find that it can be found on Google Video. I’ve heard Dr Grandin speaking on the radio and she is very engaging so I’m looking forward to watching this.

The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow