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Dr Temple Grandin has a legendary ability to read the animal mind and understand animal behaviour when no one else can. But this is no feat … of telepathy; her explanation is simple. She’s convinced she experiences the world much as an animal does and that it’s all down to her autistic brain.

This is a documentary broadcast on the BBC earlier this year that I managed to miss but I’m delighted to find that it can be found on Google Video. I’ve heard Dr Grandin speaking on the radio and she is very engaging so I’m looking forward to watching this.

The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow

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In January Developing Intelligence ran an interesting study on how your pupils contract and dilate based on the amount of mental effort being used. Now they cover more research on how your blink rate correlates to dopamine levels.

However, a far more interesting determinant of spontaneous eye blink rate appears to be levels of cortical dopamine. If dopamine receptor 1 activity is enhanced (with D1 agonists), eye blink rate increases, and if it is blocked, eye blink rate decreases. Likewise, monkeys treated with MPTP (known to cause Parkinsonian type symptoms, a disorder associated with decreased dopaminergic activity) show reductions in eye blink rate, which is remediated by administration of D1 agonists (as are the Parkinsonian symptoms). This relationship is also robust in human populations, where people with schizophrenia show elevated blink rates and those with Parkinson’s show the opposite trend. Some research implicates the rostral ventromedial caudate nucleus in the dopaminergic modulation of eye blink rate; however, eye blink rate may be modulated only by D1 and not D2 activity.

See also: The Eyes Have It

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For those of you outside the UK, Viz, is a publication in the style of a children’s comic but very much aimed at the adult population. I use the word adult very loosely here as Viz’s style of humor tends to involve bodily functions. Buried amongst the puerile are occasional gems of satire such as the one Bad Science spotted sending up the Druham Fish Oil trials

Parents in Nottingham are demanding that their children be given free Snake Oil in order to improve their examination results.
Snaik Oil, though not scientifically accepted as a ‘brain suplement’ or ‘food’, has long been associated with increased brain function in pub conversations and newspaper columns, a fact which parents are keen to see reflected in school spending.

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Over the last few weeks this website has been attracting comments from various members and ex-members of staff of the Dore Achievement Centres. This has come to the attention of the CEO of UK branch, Bob Clarke, who has posted comments on Myomancy and also to Wynford Dore himself who has phoned me. Conversations with Wynford are always enjoyable but challenging because Wynford believes so passionately about what he does. So when Myomancy runs a negative story about the Dore Program he tends to forget all the places on Myomancy where I’ve said the Dore Program works and that it changes lives.

In light of all this I thought it wise to make a clear statement to all my readers about why I devote a considerable amount of time and money to running Myomancy.

  • The goal of Myomancy is to provide independent information on treatments for dyslexia, ADHD and autism so that parents and sufferers can make an informed choice about what is the best approach for them.
  • Myomancy is a blog, a personal web site. It represents my views and my views alone on all things connected with ADHD, dyslexia and Autism.
  • These views are researched and expressed on Myomancy to the best of my abilities but I am not a scientist, teacher or a professional writer. I am just someone who’s life was changed by the Dore Program and felt a need to express myself.
  • I believe in free speech which is why I allow anyone to post comments on the articles regardless of whether they are for or against my views. Only post that are illegal or purely offensive are removed.
  • Myomancy generates a small amount of income for advertising. I would like it to be more so that I can afford to spend more time on Myomancy. It is up to the reader to decide what, if any, impact that has on the independence of Myomancy.

With reference to the above I have removed one comment from the website that is highly critical of the Dore Program and, based on additional evidence I have at my disposal, is completely false.