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After the Channel 4 Dispatched Program ‘The Dyslexia Myth’ the produce held a live web-chat and its transcript is now online.

Daniel : Could David please explain in one sentence exactly which myth about Dyslexia that he successfully debunked with this program?

David Mills grins
David Mills : Well what people have seen it tell me is: 1) that it’s not a visual problem. 2) That it is not a problem of physical co-ordination. 3) That it is not a condition for more intelligent children. 4) That there is no difference between dyslexic children and other poor readers and how intelligent dyslexic children receive no more benefit from help with their reading than low IQ poor readers.

The Dyslexia Institute response to Channel Four’s Dispatches: The Dyslexia Myth

A conference, The Death of Dyslexia, featuring many of the key people from the program is taking place on Friday 21st October 2005.

GMTV also covered the program.