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Play Attention, Neuro-Feedback and ADHD

Play Attention, the neuro-feedback system for treating ADHD run a blog on ADHD related issues. Their latest post has a long look comparing neuro-feedback with mediation as an ADHD treatment. Obviously there is a certain amount of bias in the article but it does a good job looking at the relative merits of the research done into these two forms of treatments.


  1. Linda Gunn MS/CCC-SLP

    I am a speech pathologist and I read your review on Play Attention,and am considering recommending it to several of my students’ parents, but is there some place I can check on the actual success of this system without checking on the comments by the creator of the device? It is very expensive and I want to know that this device really does work before I recommend it. Thank you for any help you can give me.
    Linda Gunn MS/CCC-SLP

  2. I had my two sons work on the Play attention program for about nine months. They both showed improvement (system graphs), but did not finish the program (they needed to do 40-60 hours). Both sons did about 30-34 hours. I think the results would have been better if they finished. We were doing the program at home and it was hard to get them to cooperate, so that’s why I gave up. The play attention support kept saying that they had to do their sessions the same time each week – which was not possible in this day and age.

    I did find they had great support for their product and the program worked well (technically, it worked fine on the computer no sound or hardware or memory problems).

    It is hard to do the 10 hours in the first month (for the money back guarantee). We were not able to do 10 hours, so I was pretty committed to doing it for the long haul. I had both boys doing it, so that is why I was able to go for so long. A parent has to commit to being the coach for the session and paying attention the whole time also.

    I think it is a legitamate product, but it is a long haul to get to the 40-60 hours of actual game playing time (not total session time). It takes a big commitment and alot of money ($1600+). A coach also has to make the commitment. You can’t just get the kid started and leave. You sit beside and coach (adjust the settings if needed).

    I would recommend it for kids are are basically cooperative and are not strong- willed. Then you could commit to the program for at least a year to finish it.

  3. casey green

    I am interesting in acquiring one of these. I am a psychiatry resident and have a son with ADHD. I also have a special interest in using computers to treat mental illness.
    Anyone interested in reselling one ?

  4. It looks like no one has referenced their website I have watched their weekly seminars and been VERY impressed. I am planning to purchase it to get started for the summer in hopes that my schedule will be more consistent (plan is to do it as soon as they wake) and help my kids transition back into school.

  5. Angie

    I am selling Play Attention for my son. We also have the new upgraded software. It worked very well for him we are just moving on to other program right now. I will consider any offer. If you are interested please email


    If you buy one that is second hand, can it still be used? Isn’t it calibrated for each person, hence the need for multiple licenses?? Just asking cause I’m looking for a used one and don’t want to get stuck with something that can’t be used…thanks for any advice…

  7. Angie

    We are selling our Play Attention. We have the upgraded 3-D software and all of the components including the printed out users manual. It is in really good condition. Support from the company is available through them. I know they have a couple of packages from $150-$250/year. $1050.00 includes shipping.

  8. Dawn

    I sold my Play Attention system in 2009 so it is no longer available (see my post above).

    For those looking for a used system (which would not include support), you can purchase support for around $250.00 from Play Attention (can’t remember the price exactly). The users are current users, so if you buy the two user system, it monitors up to two users at a time, so once you buy it, you can have two users covered under it. Contact the company for more details – they are very nice and helpful.

    Good luck.


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