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Play Attention: Biofeedback Treatment for ADHD

Combining thought control with video games produces Play Attention. Its a treatment for ADHD that involves using sensors placed on the head to control characters in simple video games. The system costs $1,795 but you won’t find that information on the web site. (I found it in a short, uncritical article on Play Attention). In fact the company’s website is slightly odd. On arrival on their front page it plays a slick video complete with a song that sounds remarkably like The Beautiful South. So turn down your volume if you are checking them whilst at work.
In the company’s FAQ, there is this question and answer: “What studies have been done? This technology has been used and studied for about 25 years. There have been numerous studies conducted within that time. The United States Air Force and NASA both use this technology to train their pilots to attend under various conditions. Unique Logic & Technology is quite proud of the results“. Notice how they give no specific references to the NASA studies nor have they done any studies themselves on their own product. I would expect at least one study on the product from a company that has been “Bringing Life into Focus™Since 1994“.
Play Attention do have customer testimonials on the site and the basic concept of biofeedback is well proven but without any scientific data on the specific treatment system some caution must be exercised.
See Also: Short interview with Peter Freer, CEO of Unique Logic and Technology, makers of Play Attention.


  1. Jennifer

    We use Play Attention and have noticed results. One of the founders was actually a NASA employee involved in the original work, designed to help astronauts avoid distraction/focus better. I personally think there is no magic bullet, but training the brain to change can be done with chess, puzzles, learning new things. PA can probably contribute to that process as well, and perhaps more quickly because it’s so targeted. But mostly, I wanted to make sure you tell people that the cost of PA includes a lifetime educational and technical support team who analyze your data and keep tweaking your program so it best benefits you. That’s what a good deal of the cost involves.

  2. Dawn

    Just want to inform parents that Play Attention may also be available in your school district. With such a high cost, it’s worth a phone call. I was very interested in PA after attending a Webinar. I called our school system, and they do have it. I’m looking into using it for my 8 year old son, but I’m a little concerned. One parent was told that you have to be careful with programs that “change the brain” such as this. Does anyone else know of any dangers with Play Attention?

  3. atty

    I also interesting in buying PA, though it is not cheap at all, but I think worth trying and my dream is to put in our learning centre.
    Recently I train my children and students with brain stimulator as brain games supporting by brainsounds to fitness the brain from neurotunes, so far my students and my family have remarkable progress at least in reading skills, by then their schools reports increased significantly. After more then 1 year, nothing happen. Me my self and my children even more calm focus for having both brain hemispheres. Such coinsidence?

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