Dore Achievement Centres, Dyspraxia

Positive Dore Coverage in the Sunday Times

Spotted by Lesley, this long piece covers the ever more bitter dispute between Dore and the phonetics crowd led by Dyslexia Action and Professor Snowling as well as one parents personal experience with Dore for dyspraxia.

As Felix enters his teens, the line between dyspraxia and normal scuzzy behaviour is beginning to blur. Most teenage boys are lazy, eat with their faces three inches from their plates, spill things, forget what you’ve said within five minutes, and would have you do up their ties and put on their socks in the morning while they sleep on, were you so willing. He shows little improvement in any of the above areas, but after nearly a year on the Dore programme he has greater confidence and a developing sense of himself. He no longer says “I’m rubbish at everything” when the going gets tough. He seems able to retain more of the information he’s learnt, and is getting better results. His half-term grades last year were: history, 30%; French, 33%; maths, 34%. This year they were 59%, 80%, 68%.

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