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Premature Babies Have High Chance of Learning Disabilites

A study by Doctors around the UK have found that 80% of severely premature babies develop some form of education or development disabilities such as severe cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, below-average intelligence and problems with vision or hearing.
The study is part of the EPICure project which is a longitudinal study on children born in 1995. At age 6, the found that some 72% of had impaired intelligence, compared with 14% of their classmates. These results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
These results were first reported on the BBC Panorama programe in September and at the time generate some news coverage.
It would be interesting to have these children assessed for retained primitive reflexes as I recall from the INPP training day Sally Goddard Blythe hypothesizing that the nature of the birth may effect the development of the reflexes.

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  1. Anna Maria Liberti

    I am the mother of an 18yr old daughter who was officially diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia almost 5 yrs ago when I took her to the Dore Achievment Centre in London. I was aware prior to the assessment that my daughter had the above conditions, due to the fact that I began to notice , right from the moment she began developing, at 10 /11 months old, her sensory skills, that something was different.
    I was able to make this comparison due to the fact I had spent alot of time with my 6 nieces and nephews in this early development stage and certain things were definitely different! Also, my sister is a primary/special needs teacher ,as my daughter grew, was convinced that her problem was Dyspraxia.
    I then started to do to as much research as possible and submitted her to various assessments here in Italy where awareness is greatly lacking non only on the medical side but on the scholastic side. 99% of the teachers I spoke to did not know even what dyslexia was, let alone Dyspraxia or ADHD. Only to be to be told that my daughter was only a little immature and with some extra help with her schoolwork outside school timetable her problems would be resolved.
    There is still such ignorance in the world about these conditions for which there is NOT ENOUGH being done to help children like my daughter who has experienced Isolation, Bullying, Name calling, Made to feel immature and stupid (not only by her peers but also teachers) Who has under-achieved at school due to the resistance of many to confirm and accept what were not only suspicions on my part but FACTS!
    She is now 18 and having problems at school and I am now once again having to deal with the same “Ignorance” as I had to deal with 15yrs ago!
    Teachers,and proffessionals all over the world need educating!!!! Their ignorance is causing severe damage and problems to these children who have great potential but because they are a “minority” are abandoned to themselves because it requires too much work and effort to make a difference!

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