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Problems with ADHD Patch

How many side effects is too many? That is the question currently under review for theĀ  recently developed stimulant patch. Known as Methypatch or Daytrana it works like a nicotine patch and is intended to deliver methylphenidate (the same drug as Ritalin uses) slowly and steadily over a nine hour period. However Dr. Robert Levin advised the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency that it has too many side-effects.
Dr Levin is an FDA Clinical Reviewer and he recommended against approval of the patch, citing increased incidence of insomnia, anorexia, decreased appetite and the potential for skin sensitization. Later Dr Levin changed his advice to committee after reviewing more evidence, saying that the patch had the same side-effects as an equivalent dose of Concerta. The only additional side-effect was that the patch could lead to skin sensitisation and irritation around the area the patch was applied.
The committee decided that because of the skin irritation the patch should only be recommed for patients who cannot take ADHD medicine orally.
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