Dyslexia, Television

Professor Elliot Interview

Professor Elliot, the front man for the C4 Dispatches program The Dyslexia Myth is featured in an interview in his local paper. The interview was published on the day of broadcast so makes no reference to the subsequent debate.
He is not, he says, suggesting that dyslexia doesn’t exist at all. Nor is he saying that children who are diagnosed as dyslexic are, in fact, just not very bright. Most importantly, he is not saying that children with reading difficulties should not get extra help. In fact, he is saying the opposite: that all children with problems should be given support, and should not have to wait to be diagnosed as dyslexic“.
Whilst I agree with his statement you have to wonder about a man who takes part in a program called The Dyslexia Myth and then a conference called The Death of Dyslexia yet says he is not claiming dyslexia doesn’t exist.