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It is the purpose of this site to provide information and advice on ADHD and dyslexia treatments that are not used in mainstream eduction. This leads to the coverage of techniques that have limited scientific evidence to support them. This may mean that sometimes we cover quite sensible sounding approaches and sometimes less sensible sounding approaches but our basic mission to present information so that parents and sufferers can make informed choice.
In this spirit you may want to check out QuackWatch a group that is a "… nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, and fallacies". They have covered subjects covered by including Auditory Integration Training  (AIT). They also have a special site dedicated to Autism and a mental health site which includes articles on ADHD treatments.

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  1. Anonymous

    Remember when visiting the good Doctor, Stephen Barrett, is not a Doctor and his Canadian counterpart Dr. CrayzTerry Polevoy is stalker and molester.
    Both admirable examples of what happens when regulators fail and criminals are alllowed to offer unqualified opinions and operate acne clinics.

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