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Raviv Method In The Press

The Daily Telegraph has a sensible report on the Raviv Learning Method:
Nili Raviv, founder of the Raviv learning method, says they can. She maintains that those who have followed her regime of repetitive exercises have seen huge improvements in their reading, writing and concentration skills.
Her method stimulates the brain to create hitherto missing connections, she says. Once these connections are formed, learning difficulties as diverse as dyslexia, AD/HD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and short- and long-term memory loss can be overcome.

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  1. Laura

    The article also mentions that “forming new pathways in the brain” is just another way of saying that the brain has leaned something new. Other than teaching some modified yoga techniques, I did notice anything new about what Raviv offers.

  2. Laura, I think a lot of the Raviv method is also found in yoga, meditation and Tai-chi. All of them require the person to concentrate and learn how to calm their mind.

    This is hard to learn so finding the right approach for the individual, whether its Raviv or yoga, is vital. What works for one person may not work for others.


  3. Sheryl

    I found that meditation helps both my sons in controlling their ADD. However, I do find it troubling when different make it seem as if they found a “cure” for learning disabilities.

  4. angela reid

    Please call me as I am interested in training in your methods. I live in Edinburgh and wish to know if there are any branches here. My mobile is 07802 431026. thanks

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