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Reading and the Cerebellum

Whilst looking for something else I found this study The cerebellum’s role in reading: a functional MR imaging study. It looked at the role cerebellum plays in normal adults and found:

The cerebellum is engaged during reading and differentially activates in response to phonologic and semantic tasks. These results indicate that the cerebellum contributes to the cognitive processes integral to reading.

This supports movement based treatments such as Dore or Learning Breakthrough.

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  1. Myomancy, I’ve been reading your posts with great interest.

    My colleague is dyslexic and we have just launched a reading programme that helps everybody read on-screen faster. However, it seems to have a particular benefit for dyslexics. I’d be very interested in your opinion. It helps make every webiste suitable for reading as well – so that it can achieve the aims of the Well Adjusted campaign in another way.

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    I hope you find it very useful and please let me know what you think.

    Thanks and all the best,

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