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Reading Recovery – Cost and Benifits

Reading Recovery, a reading programme aimed at the bottom 20% of readers, is widely used in America and in New Zealand. Here on Myomancy we don’t normally cover reading based programmes and instead we focus on the more alternative treatments. However it is supporters of mainstream programmes such as Reading Recovery that most often criticizes the claims of alternative treatments.

So a study taking a critical look at the claims of Reading Recovery interested me. It is strongly critical of the methodology used in the studies used to justify Reading Recovery and the cost of the treatment. From the summary:

  • The Reading Recovery data reporting system is flawed.
  • The standard for successful completion of Reading Recovery is not equitable.
  • Reading Recovery does not raise overall school achievement levels.
  • Far fewer students than claimed actually benefit from Reading Recovery.
  • Children who are not expected to be successful are removed from the program and from the calculation of the success rate.
  • Reading Recovery does not reduce the need for other compensatory reading services.
  • Research-based alternative interventions are more effective than Reading Recovery.
  • Reading Recovery is extremely expensive and does not save other costs.