ADD / ADHD, Balance & Coordination, Dyspraxia

Reflex Ball

I’ve been playing with a Reflex Ball from Power Systems and its a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination. The ball is slight smaller than a tenis ball bit it is not spherical, instead its has uneven surface. This causes it bounce unpredictably making it a lot harder to catch. Quick hands and eyes are required to keep control so this is a tool for people who can already catch but want to improve. For people who can’t catch, a problem common in dyslexics and people with ADHD, check out the PlusBall.
Reflex Ball User Guide


  1. Sheila E. Warne-Lang

    I have cruised lots of research in my work with kids who have ADD/Dyslexia/Asperger’s/Autism etc.
    I really appreciate your reviews of books, articles and services and your straightforward way of presenting the information you investigated. I would recommend your site to any of my parents as a goldmine of information for them to review.

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