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Ritalin May Lead To Depression in Later Life

In a study on rats by National Institutes of Health (NIH) and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School found that rats showed evidence of dysfunctional brain reward systems and depressive-like behaviors in adulthood. The rats did not have ADHD and the study was not looking at Ritalin as a genuine treatment but what happens if ADHD is misdiagnosed or Ritalin prescribed inappropriately. Diagnosis of ADHD is a complex process as many children will exhibited some ADHD like behaviors some of the time.
"While Ritalin is an effective medication that improves the quality of life for many children with ADHD, accurately diagnosing and identifying the correct treatment regimen for the disorder is essential, especially when considering health effects that can last through adulthood." –  Lead researcher William Carlezon, Ph.D.
This follows on from similar work by Dr Carlezon last year.
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