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Scientists Resign Over Dore Program Claim’s

The Dore Program has been coming under a lot of fire over the last few days with complaints about the way its sold and strong criticism of the scientific research. Now, five board members of the scientific journal Dyslexia that published the study have resigned in protest.

According to a Sunday Times article there was great concern over the validity of the research and the close links between the journal’s editor and one of the authors of the study.

Several academics raised concerns over apparent conflicts of interest. Reynolds was paid £30,000 in expenses by Dore to carry out the study, and was formerly a paid director in a company run by the businessman. Three quarters of the screening tests on the children were carried out by researchers from DDAT, a Dore firm.

Professor Rod Nicolson, a psychologist at Sheffield University and the study’s co-author, supervises the postgraduate study of Dore’s business partner, Dr Roy Rutherford.

Dore has also sponsored three PhD students in Nicolson’s department. Questions have also been raised over Nicolson’s working relationship with Angela Fawcett, editor of Dyslexia. They have written 30 articles and three books together.

Wynford Dore, the man behind the Dore Program, has attracted criticism ever since he started his approach to dyslexia and ADHD. He brought the skills he learnt as an successful entrepreneur in the hard and gritty industrial paint business to the more refined and cultured areas of science and education. His knack for self-publicity and willingness to take chances were always going to annoy many people and calling his new book The Miracle Cure was just pouring petrol onto an already large fire.

Central to this argument is an ethical question about commercial interests and science. This debate has raged in the pharmaceutical business for years. There is no doubt that drug companies have pushed the boundaries of science along and through their drugs helped many people. But the drug companies are also aggressive in selling their product and part of this is presenting favourable research in the best possible light. When does good marketing step over the line and become deception? This question is more complicated in Dore’s case because no one else is willing to research the Dore Program so the only research being done has to be funded by Dore, automatically creating a conflict of interest.

The criticism of Dore should be seen in a healthy light. It is a debate and most significant advances in science have been accompanied by long and often bitter debates. This is science in action and all parties deserve credit for their role in it.


  1. kelly

    Hi was thinking about the dore programme for my son jason who is dyspraxic we have done primary movement 2 years ago and this seemed to help, looking for any suggestions

  2. chrissy

    My partner was employed by Dore as a Sales Manager, as an ex employee he will not hear a bad word about the program, he truly believes that the Dore program works and even 4 months after quitting the company regularly keeps in contact with people that he enroled in order to guage their improvement.

    The problem with the Dore Program is that the sales set up is just not professional enough and sales staff are continually threatened with losing their jobs by the CEO Bob Clarke or his assistant, Zoe Mckenzie.

    Unfortunately neither of these people have a clue about running a sales team, both were dismissed from Bulldog Communications for that very reason, that requires compassion, and believe me Dore is based on compassion.

    When my partner quit his job Bob Clarke cancelled my daughters program and stopped her from completing the course. What a nice guy!!!!!!!

    Bob Clarke may have graced these pages with his words of wisdom but what he hasn’t told you is that the reps are set monthly targets indicating how many people they have to sign up, how can you be truthful and compassionate if you are being forced by your managers to get at least 16 enrolments per month.

    Imagine the pressure that can be put to bear on parents who are worried about their child, make them cry, urges Bob Clarke upon returning from Australia. If we make you feel like a failure as a parent and we can offer you the answer how can you avoid signing up?

    Unfortunately these are marketing strategies that should not be linked to Dore, and are unfortunately giving Dore a bad name, but are the only ones that Clarke and McKenzie know.

    I truly believe, that in 99 out of a 100 cases, Dore could be the answer to your prayers, but until they change their CEO and Regional Sales Managers I would avoid having them in your home.

    My partner believes that Wynford Dore and his daughter Susie are two of the nicest people that you could ever wish to meet. He may be rich and successful, he may be a business man but he really cares.

    If you have a child that needs help in any of these areas call the booking line number and arrange an assessment, do not get a sales person out to see you, and try to get seen by Dr Tilly, he is truly brilliant and had his own son put on the program before he ever worked for Dore.

    If you are not satisfied after having had the assessment then please feel free to email me and I will do my best to explain how it works but you must understand that because of the changes that my partner saw in people I am a believer.

    I wish every success to Wynford and Susie and a plague of rats on bob and zoe.

    You may feel that this is sour grapes etc but my partner quit Dore of his own accord due to stress related illness and is now earning better money and enjoying life again.

    Think strongly about Dore but try to bypass the sales system as you do not want to feel pressured into something.

    The last thing to remember is that in order to complete the Dore program you are looking at a years hard work for a life changing experience.

  3. Richard

    We jsut contact the Dore centre today (mid December) to book the assessment. Earliest date is late February. The entire cost is about £2000. Assessment cost almost £400 and 4 hours. OK, so we booked the date and was told we must start paying now, two months before the assessment.
    What do you think of that?

  4. Laura

    How can I find out more details about the program. I’m supposed to talk to one of the counslers tommorrow 8-8-7 at 11;00 central time.I will postpone the call if I can get some inside info.I’d be dealing with the Schaumberg (Chicago) location. Where are you?

  5. Tammy

    I think people should be vary wary about the DORE program.You can get help from many other sources and not pay the exhorbitent fee.

    My partner worked for DORE and started up a number of DORE centers across our state. He worked hard and long hours and really believed in the program. After working extremely hard and being very successful at his job he was fired. They said they were cutting back. The truth is they used him to set it all up all over the state and then decided that he was expendable. Why pay him when it could be continued with lower payed support staff?

    If this is the way they treat staff it must tell people that the bottom line with this company is not compassion it’s greed.

  6. joanna cronemiller

    i had contacted you a while ago. i was interested in the dore program. I was told that i would be contacted in 24 hrs. but i never got a call back. i am still interested. I was wondering if there was a way that i could get sent some inforamtion on your program.

  7. Rod Lloyd

    Both my children did a one year long Dore Program
    and completed it . Its a few months now since they completed the program and up to now I have to say it did both of them
    a lot of good and they are still improving.

  8. dawn

    if you are thinking of starting the dore programme “don’t” please believe what you read about the sales staff its all true, my son was on the programme it did not work, when i asked for a refund dr rutherford and his team have tried to talk there way out of it, i am now in the middle of taking them to court to get a refund.

  9. eraina

    ‘dawn’ Im sorry didnt work for your son….however it has worked for many others. If you have completed the course with a certain percentage of compliance and 8 follow up visits you are VERY likely to get a refund. I would personally avoid all sales staff on principle, wether its interventions for you kids or double glazing. Good luck with your case. What interventions are you trying for your son now?

  10. Elayne

    I understand the Dore Centers have closed. Is there anyone out there still providing the treatment? Is it under a different name? If the results are half as good as is claimed I can’t believe it would all just disappear.

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