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SharperBrain Claims a Breakthrough in ADHD Treatment

I get depressed when I see a press release or news story claiming a ‘breakthrough’. Very rarely does the treatment work anywhere near as well or as universally as the creator claims. So when I saw the headline "Toronto Clinic Develops Breakthrough Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD Without Drugs" I was prepared to be disappointed.
The treatment, SharperBrain from Sharper Programs (who also do Shaper Memory) is a computer based system for improving cognitive skills which "trains the brain to operate efficiently on three brainwave levels: Alpha, Beta 1, and Beta 2". Apart from that I have no idea what it does or how it does it. There are no screen shots or demonstration systems. Their research page is basically empty so if there is any science behind their claims they are keeping it close to their chest. They do have a testimonial section  and medical endorsements. Make of those what you will.
At US $375 this product is not cheap. Sharper Programs offer no information on how the product works and no scientific evidence to back up their claims. They also only accept internet payment via Paypal. Caution is advised if you are considering buying this product.


  1. Janis

    I noticed your write up about SharperBrain and wanted you and your blog readers to know that I am personally familiar the ACE clinic who developed the program. My daughter was treated in the clinic and she used SharperBrain and SharperMemory at home. This is a serious clinic with strong clinical background and support enjoying excellent reputation in the area. My daughter is, by the way, free of symptoms, and I personally referred many friends and colleagues to the clinic, with similar results. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Diane Farmer

    My ADHD son (age 10.5) worked on SharperBrain and completed it last year around January 2007.
    Since then – there is a real improvement in his ability to stay concentrate and calm. We and his teachers notice that.

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