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Simple Exercise Plan for Dyslexics

Over on  they have a short article on exercises for dyslexia. These are simple balance and co-ordination activities similar to those used by DDAT. Obviously a very basic plan and nowhere near as comprehensive or personalised as you get from a commercial programme but a good starting point if you can’t afford or get to a DDAT clinic. 
The web site has a range of articles covering information an advice on dyscalculia, dyslexia and ADHD covering such topics as nutrition, drug therapies, home education and  life skills.


  1. jillcornforth

    I have been trying to find the simple exercises for dyslexia, mentioned in the article on the Medical centre, but have had no luck getting onto the site. Any suggestions. I just want to try them with my daughter withoout the cost of a personalised assessment.

  2. On the home page of your site you state that “Five years on, I’m no longer dyslexic.” Do you mean that it took 5 years of doing Dore exercises before you were cured or that you are still cured 5 years after having completed the program?

    How long did it take for you to start seeing appreciable results? How long did the cure take exactly?


  3. pablo

    when is was a child, i had problems telling the right from the left, now many years after i do not have that problem cause my father sign me up for a therapy an followed a treatment, but now that ì’m working with computers i realized that i have dislexya, because i tend to misplaced the position of the letters in a word, everytime I write. Could anyone here could reccomend me a website where i can find exercises and tips to cope with this problem, thanks..

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