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Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin

Everything you’ve ever want to know about amphetamines but were too afraid to ask. Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin on Mind Hacks.


  1. p-boy

    I am currently on Concerta 36mg methylphenidate HLC medication for ADHD. I am also a social user of Ecstasy. Is there any danger (other than the obvious ones wich i will assume are given when using a street drug) when using both at the same time?

  2. TheOther

    Yes…both are strong stimulants/amphetamines. You’re already causing your heart to work faster and harder with either one, then you throw another one on top of the mix…not too advisable, especially if you don’t know the condition of your heart. I’m not saying you can’t mix them, just that the physical side effects generally aren’t worth it, especially if you accidentally give yourself a heart attack. Try too.

  3. Will

    I am a social user of Ecstasy and taking Conerta 18mg for ADD. Is it unsafe to use ecstasy if you don’t take your dose of Conerta the day you do ecstasy or the day after.

  4. roberto

    I use ritalin LA 40mg or 30mg, dependig on how i feel on a daily basis.
    I also take e everytime possible, i try not to take ritalin on those days , but i have done e at nights even having done ritalin less than 8 hours before ( its LA ), i havent notice any synergy or interaction.
    my advice and practice is try to avoid the mix, there seems to be no reward on it.

  5. krazy-bud

    i’ve been taking medication for my ADHD for atleast 8-10 years now, since about 2nd grade. concerta and ritalin switching back and forth. i’m in high school now. I tried ecstasy, but didn’t feel anything. is there any possibility that my ADHD medacine made me immune to or have a way higher tollerance to the ecstacy?

  6. ash

    i’m currently on ritalin but im not 2 sure about the mg i think it’s 30. anyway in year 9 in health education our teacher told us 2 never take drugs (obviously) and 2 never mix types of drugs together. speed is a stimulant and ecstasy is a Hallucinogens.
    yea so there is probably some big consequences.

  7. k.z.

    i occasionally roll xtc. About a month ago I was put on strattera 80mg and i was wondering if there will be any interactions if i roll while on it?

  8. Molls

    FYI – typically adhd prescriptions (vyvance, dexedrine, adderall, ritalin, etc) are stimulunts… basically a legalized pill form of meth. ecstasy is NOT a hallucinogen unless it is cut with something, which it usually is (acid, khetamine). ecstasy is based of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (mdma) which is also a stimulant. It is not smart to mix two stimulants together. Ecstasy raises the temperature of your body while your rolling. I’ve notice with my adhd (vyvanse/dexedrine) meds that my body temp will fluctuate as well (minimally, but still). Also, taking two stimulants can definately hurt your heart.

  9. sam

    i started takin ecstasy way b4 ritalin, the adhd some how made the high of the e much better then ne one else who took em it was better then ne drug ive hav ever takin b4 it was very addicting, the doctors then gave me ritalin once i started takin it immedietly i could not get high off e ne more so ritalin will permently stop the e from being very gud…n i wanna no if mixing them is dangerous

  10. Hrbs

    Ah well I all depends on your body . I take 18 mg concerta I used to take. 5 mg Ritalin in the morning 10 mg ritalin in afternoon and concerta after that. And they took them away . Well anyhow people who been taking it for years need them . Just to be in a normal state . Since their body grew a tolerance to it . But it’s never good to mix them . I wait a day miss that dose and take x , I won’t even drink an energy drink that day if I’m taking x . Especially if it body doesn’t have enough sleep , or rest .

    I seen people od on x by combining it not kewl I remember at together as one I met a guy he was pretty chill he was telling me he drank a monster cuz he didn’t get enough sleep and had tooken 3 pills and he took his Ritalin in te morning. Later that nite I saw paramedic taking him away in the bed. Not moving and his gf just crying screaming “why am I gonna tell his dad his mom his family ”

    Pretty crazy shit man

  11. Hrbs

    Well people need that just to put them in the normal state since their body can’t work with out the meds . For some people it nothing will happen . But just cuz u grew a tolerance doesn’t mean u can take more it just means. It doesn’t take affect to it if I take more ur body won’t take mor mg’s So not safe . Don’t do it

    I’m studying medicine :]
    but not the human body I’m still a little confused
    I heard some people can’t even function right with out the concerta and can’t make more dopamine , so I mean if u would
    miss a dose of ur med and take x and ur med is needed to make that I don’t think x will work .

    U won’t roll hard like u have before .
    Anyone knows ? Am I wrong right ?

  12. apj

    ok… i take 54mg of concerta daily… now i also do e/mdma… i noticed a few different things depending on the type of pill that is taken… DO NOT TAKE DC REDS ON ANY FORM OF ADHD/ADD MEDICATION… i was fucked up pretty bad off dc reds… green aliens seemed to be ok because they are less speed… when i did pure mdma and had taken my concerta earlier that day i only popped one but i was rolling HARD, so i’ve found the pure increases the effects, speed fucks you up so don’t do it, and w/e is in green aliens doesn’t seem to have any effect…

  13. aurelia

    Speed, Ecstasy, and Ritalin are all uppers. They are all stimulents. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can safely take ecstacy with your ADHD meds, because you’ll give yourself a heart attack.

    If you want to know more about what you are taking, read the book “Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin” by Leslie Iversen.

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