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Spellzone – Spelling Help for Adults

Finding books or websites to help children learn to spell is easy. Finding them for adults is hard as adult learners need material that is appropriate for their age. Fortuently SpellZone has stepped in to help.
With thirty seven modules covering all the major sounds and spelling patterns in english the course is comprehensive in its approach. Each module focuses on one or two aspects of spelling and includes practical advice, background information on why words are spelt the way they are and tests to try out your knowledge. The course is written in easy and friendly language that never patronises its readers and uses lots of graphics to help make the lessons memorable.
The course is a self-paced and the modules can be done in any order which is great if you are trying to just add polish to your spelling. However this does mean that a lot self-motivation is required and if there is any weakness with SpellZone its that once the course has been purchased you are on your own. Some forums where users of the course can get together and offer mutual support would be nice. However this is no reflection on the quality of the actual course which is the most readable and understandable approach to spelling for adults I’ve seen.
A one year subscription to Spellzone cost £20.