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Sport, Music and the Dominant Hand

Stumble across an interesting piece:
Individuals with crossed hand-eye preference seem to be much better at sports like gymnastics, running and basketball. When the dominant hand and the dominant eye are on the same side of the body, its centre of gravity shifts towards the dominant side. In sports such as gymnastics, activities like tumbling, vaulting and swinging from the rings or high bar depend upon equal action from both sides of the body. A shift in the focus of the weight to the dominant side will add a slight tendency to twist to the body. Any such twists away from perfect alignment, if large enough, mar performance, resulting in lower scores“.
Bilateral Co-ordination: Why dexterity alone just will not do: some lessons from a young piano player

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  1. Sheila

    You are exactly right. These athletes also tend to be right-brained, left-handed and easier to treat for dyslexia that right-handed athletes. Which is why balance board training is so important, along with visual training exercises to control the center of gravity. The slight “twists” you are noticing have huge implications for how a student views a blackboard and for how well the eyes team together and focus. Marring the scores in school too.

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