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Stress & Dyslexia; Marmosets & Neurogenisis

I believe that stress has a major part to play in dyslexia and something that Myomancy has covered before (also here and here). Now research by Dr Gould of Princeton University is shedding light on how stress can prevent neurogenisis, the process of forming new brain cells.
From the brain’s perspective, stress is primarily signaled by an increase in the bloodstream of a class of steroid called glucocorticoids, which put the body on a heightened state of alert. But glucocorticoids can have one nasty side-effect: They are toxic for the brain. When stress becomes chronic, neurons stop investing in themselves. Neurogenesis ceases. Dendrites disappear. The hippocampus, a part of the brain essential for learning and memory, begins withering away“.
This comes from an excellent article from Seed Magazine called The Reinvention of the Self. Its long, detailed but readable and covers a range of issues that neurogenisis effects. This includes some interesting comments on about depression and antidepressant treatments.