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In my two part post on Dore Achievement Centres marketing strategy I proposed that Dore set-up a forum called Dore Talk.

Building a community like is not easy but it will pay for itself many times over. By creating a public space that anyone can post to, Dore is saying to the world that they don’t need to sell the product because it is so good it sells itself. Those scientists and others who attack Dore for bad science or for being overly commercial will have to explain why so many customers are writing about how it helped them. By placing everything in the public domain, by allowing potential customers to decide for themselves, Dore could do away with his sales people, saving Dore hundreds of thousands a year, allowing him to reduce his prices and making the Dore Program even more popular.

A public forum for Dore customers is the cheapest and most effective way of marketing this product. Nothing is hidden from the potential customers and there are no sales staff on commission. The Dore Program will not only be whiter-than-white but will be seen to be whiter-than-white.

It seems that Dore liked the idea because on the Boston Dore site there is announcement that their forum will be closing to make way for a new Dore International forum.


  1. Lesley Johnson

    Just had this reply from DoreUSA within an hour!(DoreUK haven’t replied from an e-mail earlier in the week-not impressed)

    Hello Lesley,

    We are really glad you had such good use of the forum. The new forum will be even better. The new international forum should be up and going in about a month and a half.

    Best regards,


    DORE…We are changing lives

  2. Margaret Fowke

    I am a parent of a 10 year old who has been in the Dore program in Boston for a year. I was delighted to learn of the Dore forum. Dore is such a huge commitment of time and effort. I have felt quite isolated on this journey as until now I have only had contact with the staff at the Dore centre. Participating in the forum is a good step in breaking that isolation. I can guarantee that my postings are in no way staged by anyone. And for the record, I have seen tangible advances in my son’s coordination, confidence, reading and writing. He still has a way to go, the gains come gradually and the exercise regime is relentless. The results are worth it though! Margaret

  3. I completed the dore programme about an year and a half ago. I persued the programme very very rigerously and when It ended I though I was cured of my disorder but later on I found out that I was not being able to talk properly, not being able to hear and think. Apparentlt I have developed a neurological problem and I have to start seing a neurologist. May be I did something wrong and it may work differently for different people but whoever plans on starting this programme kindly take caution because it might mean that you are playing with your life because obviouly you are nothing without a functional brain.

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