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The Curse of Illiteracy

There is a frightening article over on Brain Connection about how poor reading means poor prospects. This is American centric but similar problems exists in the UK. In the 2001 study An examination of the relationship between dyslexia and offending in young people and the implications for the training system its found that “All 50 were screened for dyslexia and a number received a more detailed follow-up assessment. The results of the screening showed that 25 of the young offenders (50%) were dyslexic to some degree“. This is supported by the 2002 study Dyslexia and AD/HD among Swedish Prison Inmates: “Twenty-eight (62%) were diagnosed with dyslexia, in line with our previous study. Childhood hyperactivity was reported by 25 of the inmates (55%) and persisted into adulthood for half of these subjects“.