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The Dyslexia Myth: First Thoughts

I’ve just watched the program ( The Dyslexia Myth, The Dyslexia Myth: Dear Editor ) and will post a full breakdown of it by lunch-time tomorrow (Friday).
First thoughts on it is that the central message of the program was right but it was presented in a very aggressive, negative way. There were some factual errors, e.g. there is good evidence supporting the use of coloured (colored) lens or overlays and just because the criticism of the Dore / DDAT research is valid it doesn’t mean the treatment doesn’t work, only that its not been proven. Some of the statements made in support of the program’s theories are weak. For example, they claimed that reading was a core skill, independent of other skills like balance, but why do we have this part of the brain? We, Homo Sapiens, have existed for 150,000 years but we only invented the written word 6,000 years ago. What was the reading part of our brains doing for the intervening 144,000 years? Isn’t it plausible that the reading parts of the brain are also involved in other tasks such as coordination skills?
A last thought, The Dyslexia Myth was right pointing out the scandal of our education system failing those children whom it can most help.

Update: Just spotted that the British Dyslexia Association has posted a response to The Dyslexia Myth.