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The Immature Brain

A short but informative article on Dr Martha Denckla, a neurologist who has spent her working life studying the connection between learning difficulties, motor skills and the brain’s construction.
"With a practiced eye, Denckla studied ADHD children and saw tell-tale motor differences typical of basic brain immaturity. "Go to a nursery school, say ‘walk on your heels,’ and 100 percent of the children also ‘walk’ their hands. At that age, the motor cortex doesn’t control the feet elegantly enough, and stimulation overflows to the hands. Tongues stick out when little ones tie their shoes." But what’s normal in nursery school signals problems in teenagers. By Jason’s age, Denckla says, ‘motor control should be perfect-no mirroring, no overflow.’"
No Self Control? ADHD mirrors an immature brain.
Dr Denckla was also the research behind the study covered in Twenty Eight Years On and the Evidence is Still Being Ignored