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The Myomancy Treatment Database

I’m please to announce a major expansion of Myomancy.

On the Myomancy Treatment Database you will find a list of ninety different treatments available for ADHD, dyslexia and autism. These range from mainstream reading programs to fringe treatments such as NeuroCranial Restructuring. Visitors to the Treatment Database can comment on treatments they have tried so that other parents can find the right treatment for their child.

Everything is brand new so if you find anything that doesn’t work or any typos then please let me know by commenting here or emailing me.

And please tell your friends about it. If you have your own blog or are on any email lists or forums, please mention the treatment database. It can only help dyslexics and sufferers of ADHD if people know about it.


  1. Donna

    You seriously need to add ABA (applied behavioral analysis) to your database for autism. In fact it should be the first thing. It is scientifically proven, unlike many other methods.

  2. Train the Brain to Pay Attention the Write Way, a multi-sensory handwriting program, uses therapeutic music and movement exercises to “retrain the brain.” Movement with the hand literallysculpts the brain, priming it for the reading process.Its non-threatening format profoundly influences the brain by dampening the emotionally reactive right brain so the left brain can gain control. Improves self discipline (impulse control), attention span, self discipline, organizational skills, self esteem, motivation,etc. Used by several thousand teachers and parents in this country and in 12 foreign countries. Teachers rave in seeing a wave of calm sweep across the classroom and kids focus so intently.

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