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Toxic Emissions and Developmental Problems

"Mercury emissions from power plants alone impact approximately 500,000 children each year in the U.S. Their resulting lowered IQ translates into an annual economic loss of $1.3 billion"
This frightening quote comes from a well researched article: Toxic Emissions and Developmental Disease on Oh my News. It looks at how pollution and its links to autism and ADHD cost society billions of dollars. Covering mercury, pesticides and lead it has some frightening statistics: "Human sources account for 70 percent of the …  mercury released into the environment each year [and] 1.16 million women of childbearing age ‘eat sufficient amounts of mercury-contaminated fish to pose a risk of harm to their future children’".
There are also some political points: "The Bush administration actively puts down European initiatives … that would force industry to evaluate the safety of chemicals prior to their marketing to the general public. This …  might cost the U.S. $30 billion in lost sales [but] … today’s generation of newborns has a $110 to $318 billion GREATER earning capacity as a result of NOT being exposed to the levels of lead faced by infants a generation ago ".