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Video Games Are Good For You (If They Involve Movement)

Whilst research is still being done on the full effect of video games on a child’s brain, one thing for certain is that children are spending a lot more time sitting in front of the television and computers. As movement is a vital part of the brain’s development, the loss of time spent being active may have a significant impact on a child’s educational progress. It also tends to lead to over-weight and unfit children which has a serious impact on their long-term health. An arcade game called Dance Dance Revolution in which the player has to dance in time and in step with the game’s directions is being put forward as an aid to weight loss.
Recently I’ve been looking into similar games to see if they can be used to assist people with under-developed vestibular and cerebellum. Eye-Toy Groove is a Sony PlayStation 2 ConsolePlayStation game where you have to dance and wave your arms about in time with music. There is no doubting its a lot of fun (especially for drunk adults) and if you are looking for a fun, simple way to get you or child moving, this is it. Its clearly not a replacement for a properly designed vestibular / cerebellum development programme but it could help someone learn to move their body more freely. The downside to this game is that even at its easiest levels it may be too difficult for some people and without a lot of help and positive support it could have a negative impact on self-confidence.
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  1. WOWjustWOW

    why in gods name would a lil kid or any other person play a game like yoga that is the dumbs thing ive ever heard in my life me being a gamer i just have to say what u are saying about video games is sooooo dumb and retarded i think i lost a few brain cells by just reading this article i think u all that dont like games are the ones that suck at games and couldnt cut it in the gaming world and so u know games are sooo good for u, u know why because games are good for those that arent good with ppl get better by playing games and going around through games meeting ppl and making friends soo all that are against games are assholes PEACE out

  2. myomancy

    A little kid or any other person might play a game so that they learn spelling, grammar, punctuation and politeness. All things you seem to lack.


  3. Li

    Good point Chris. It’s unfortunate that there are those who have to use the computer and internet to meet and learn how to get along with other people (or avatars). But on a positive note, it is a pathway for those who are socially disabled or physcially challenged to access virtual environments to use as a stepping stone to the real world.

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