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Vyvanse: The New ADHD Medication

Vyvanse, a new ADHD medication has just got approval from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) who classified it as a schedule II controlled substance, the same class as Ritalin, Concerta and many street drugs. This is the final step before Shire PLC can launch the drug commercially. Shire also Adderall, and Adderall XR.

The new drug has been formulated to provide both the long-lasting effects of Adderall XR and to minimise the potential for abuse. ADHD medication are strong stimulants and can be open to abuse both by those it prescribed to and by those who acquire it illegally.

Shire Press Release: VYVANSE™ Receives Final DEA Schedule Classification, Clearing Way For Launch Of First Prodrug Stimulant For ADHD Treatment


  1. Katie

    I am 26 years old and have ADHD. I have been taking Vyvance for the past three months and I find that it does NOT help all day like the manufacturers say it does. The “potency” hours are the only ones that I notice a difference in.
    Vyvance has been the best medicine that I have taken in a long while. The benefits of it are tremendous. I can focus and pay attention when in the past I could not. Projects are now able to be completed and I’m not so easily annoyed with others b/c I’m not bothered so much. So, on the whole, I do like Vyvance, I just don’t like it only working for 4 hours and not being able to do anything about the rest of the day.

  2. Jessica

    Maybe you should consider increasing your dose. I haven’t had a problem with how long it works since I went up a little. First, it was only working for about 7 hours or so and when I went up from 50mg to 70mg I no longer had any problem with it. Vyvanse lasted the full 12 hours and actually, up to about 14 hours but with no sleep issues. Maybe you should try that and see.

  3. Dana

    Can anyone tell me what the emotional side effects of Vyvanse seem to be to those that are taking it. My son has been on Concerta for over 10 years and does well on it….so far no problems with the side effects that we were warned of (thank god). My girlfriend just started her 7 year old son on Vyvanse, and while doing research on it for her I noticed that there is nothing on the side effects. She claims he has been acting depressed since on it.
    Can anyone else attest to that?

  4. Joan Derry

    My adult son just started Vyvance about 3 weeks ago. He is now taking 70 mg a day. Since being on this medication he has experienced muscle aches and flu-like symptoms even down to his “skin hurting” to touch.

    Has anyone else ever had these side-effects?


  5. tracey

    My daughter is 6 and i have noticed that her attitude is worse. and it doesnt last the full 12 hrs. it lasts about 8 hrs. but today we seen the doctor and she took her up to 70 mil. and she only weighs 48lbs. but she has been on this medication for 3 hopefuly it will last longer so we can get school work dont at home too. and that it doesnt make her attitude worse than what it already is want to email me and talk its maybe i can get others oppions about this to.

  6. marcia perry

    My son Dillon 11 has just been put on vyvance, and it has been a the most complete change in his life. I myself take aderall and it has made a difference in my life. My son was getting zeros in his classe’s to now making A’s. He now wants to do his homework and he is so full of knowlede. I praise vyvance.
    Mrcia Perry

  7. John Kearney

    I am a 47 year old male. Found out I had ADD in 9/07. I’ve been on a different Med. each month since that time. I am presently on Strattera (80 mg. for 4 weeks & 120 mg.’til present) since 1/1/08, with only side effects to show for it. While on all the Med.’s I seem not to get the focus I am looking for. Could anyone tell me, in an Adult application, if vyvance might work better than Concerta, Wellbutrin, Strattera. Also what should my expectations be. Thanks!

  8. Michael Miller

    I am a 40 year old male and I was diagnosed with ADD about 18 months ago. My first medication was Strattera which did nothing for me after two months of usage and two dossage increases. I then took 36 mg of Concerta for a year and it worked well. The only issue was it did not last long enough so my doctor subscribed Vyvanse about 6 months ago. It worked very well with the most obvious side effect being extreme dry mouth. The results were worth the side effect so I stuck with it. In retrospect, I am concerned it is causing irritability and mood swings. My wife and I seem to be fighting (seldom did in 15 yrs of marriage) a lot and I have been “short” with my kids. I’m looking for some information to support this, but there is not a lot of info on adults with Vyvanse since it only recently started be subscribed to adults. I am going to go back to Concerta and see how things go. If anyone has similar issues with Vyvanse, please let me know.

  9. AMY

    Please don’t give your 6 year old child that drug! This is insanity. You should try more natural methods. Look into Native remedies or read more about it. Try changing her diet to be extra healthy. Your 6 year old is taking a dose that a 200 pound man should be taking! Don’t give in to the Pharmaceutical companies. They don’t care if your child drops dead of a stroke or heart attack. They are making billions and the sacrifice of lives is small to them. Don’t give up. Taking drugs is the “easy” way.

  10. Kait

    I am a 17 year old girl, and I have been taking Vyvanse for 9 months now.I also have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and the Vyvanse has helped with that, too. Then I started with a new psychiatrist for my OCD, and after talking to me for about an hour, he suggested I also had ADD. I was surprised, because nobody had ever suggested that. He explained that it was probably because it was masked behind the symptoms of my OCD, which is admittedly severe. He perscribed me Vyvanse, which I was hesitant to take because I was positive he was wrong. I had OCD, not ADD. I took it anyway, and it has helped so much. My grades have gone up incredibly. I would be getting 52’s in simple classes. I now have a 4.0 GPA and am in all Honors classes. It has also helped with my OCD, which is a great benefit as well. Even with my great experience with this drug, I would not reccomend it to everyone. So, I consider myself a kind of veteran to psychological drugs, so I’m gonna try to answer some of these questions.

    RE: Dana
    Can anyone tell me what the emotional side effects of Vyvanse seem to be to those that are taking it?
    When you are first taking the Vyvanse, there are going to be emotional side effects. The first day I took it, I was very calm, nothing affected me at all. Nothing. You could have told me that my whole family had died and I would have barely blinked. That gradually went away, thank God. But around the first 3 weeks, I started to have mood swings, nothing terrible. Just little things would make me really happy, or small things would make me very very depressed. You know what I mean. This only lasted about two weeks, then everything else evened out, except the performance of the drug, which was still working well.

    She claims he has been acting depressed since on it. Can anyone else attest to that?
    Like I said, if she’s just started it, this is completely possible. It probably won’t last though.

    RE: Joan
    My adult son just started Vyvance about 3 weeks ago. He is now taking 70 mg a day. Since being on this medication he has experienced muscle aches and flu-like symptoms even down to his “skin hurting” to touch.
    Has anyone else ever had these side-effects?

    YES YES YES. About 3 weeks to a month after I started the drug, I got these same side effects. The flu-like symptoms, for me it was the fever and the fatigue. And the “skin hurting” part? It happened to me too. It did not feel like the feeling you get with the flu, though. It’s not a sharp pain or anything, just like you’re feeling very sensitive, or like you have a light bruise everywhere. Hard to describe. This only lasted a few weeks for me too, and it was on and off, not continuous.

    Sorry to just barge in here and act like I know everything. 😀 I really want to help, because I know what it’s like being confused and worried about the effects of a psychological drug. If you want to ask me anything about it, i’ll do my best to answer.

    My email is
    I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    Good luck, and I hope this drug works for you!

  11. Aimee

    My 8-yr-old son started on this Monday, and it’s been 5 days — of absolute bliss!!! He used to take Concerta and then Adderall. It kept him from being disruptive but he still didn’t sit and concentrate on learning. This week, he has been a new boy. He actually researched and built an oral report with another boy AND PRESENTED IT IN CLASS. I will be watching for the flu-like symptoms around 3 weeks…

  12. tina

    My 14 year old son is very timid, shy, and always inside the house. He hates school. He started Vyvanse 3 months ago. He has had most of the side affects mentioned, but I haven’t noticed any improvement. He doesn’t like the way it make him feel. The flu like symptoms, dry mouth, irritability, and mood swings haven’t went away! I will take him off of this.

  13. Skye

    My mother has my 8 year old sister on this drug. I am very concerned for her well being and the effects it will have on her later in life. I have done a lot of research on amphetamines and all of them talk about the altering in growth and mind development of children. She is also taking clonidine at night to help her sleep. This worries me greatly. How are we supposed to know what the long term effects are of these drugs especially with a drug that’s so new? Everyone on here has more bad reviews than good. I would appreciate any feedback.

  14. Ryan

    I’m 25 yrs. old and my Psychiatrist recently prescribed me Vyvanse and it has been nothing but downhill. The first time I took it, it took awhile for it to work. It did work temporily for a few hours and maybe lasted for about 3 days, but only maybe 3-4 hrs. per day. Another really bad side effect, though it did say on the package, but was even more extreme was it caused me to loose my appetite throughout practically the whole entire day, nausea, stomach aches, having to go to the bathroom 5-7 times a day! It was horrible! I’m now off of it, and I feel so much better now! But, now I have to wait and see my Psychiatrist and to be prescribed another medication. I had alot of success with Daytrana which helped a little over the year. Concerta was the first that was prescribed to me, that lasted about 5-6 months. Adderall didn’t help me at all. Would you know another ritalin based medication that would be suitable for my tolerance and severity of ADD?

  15. Kym

    My 6 year old son has just been changed from Adderall to Vyvanse. For those of you asking us not to put our children on drugs-live with them for a year and then say that! I tried naturopaths, behavioral therapy, changing diets, supplementation, bodywork, music therapy, increased activity and he was still out of control with hyperactivity an no concentration. He THANKED me for putting him on meds and has friends for the first time in his life. While I am not certain how this medication will work for him I am hopeful that he will not have the peaks and valleys he did with adderall. I am wondering what the emotional effects will be though.

    While I don’t find drug therapy to be effective on it’s own I do believe that it is something that some children need. Please leave judgements on another site…most of us here just really want to help our kids…not look for an “quick” fix.

  16. Amanda

    My son is almost 14 and just started taking Vyvanse 4 days ago. It has affected his appetite. He has skipped one meal each day. But he says he is so much better able to concentrate now and he can “choose” to concentrate, instead of being driven off task by outside factors. We have resisted medicine until now.

  17. J

    Diagnosed with adult ADHD a month ago. Started on Vyvanse about 3 weeks ago. First week was great. Able to focus, prioritize tasks and get a lot of work done. But then after 1st week I started to crash so doctor increased my dosage and I’m up to 1.5 pills of the highest dose. Crashing, feeling lathargic and worst part is I feel like I’m in a total and complete daze most of my entire day.

    Anyone else feel like they are in a complete daze on it?

    Suggestions would be great. Thanks.

  18. Diane

    My 9 year old daughter was on Concerta for 2 years until it started no lasting past lunch. Her grades started dropping and I started getting notes from her teacher about her not staying on task. About 3 months ago her doctor changed her to Vyvance… 50 mg. At first things seemed to be much better. She was glad that she didn’t have to try so hard to focus and grades started getting better. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that she was choosing to stay in the house on weekends instead of playing with the little girl next door like she always did before. Today I had a meeting with her teacher who scared me terribly. She’s gone from high B’s in Science and Social Studies to 66 and 63… low F’s. Her teacher said she is totally obsessed with scratching her head and picking at her arms to the point that she just plain is not doing any class work. She no longer talks to her friends and prefers to be alone… this is the little girl that could NEVER stop talking. Is this depression or just a passing side effect? Has anybody else noticed this?
    A very worried Mom

  19. Robin

    I’m 40 and have ADD. 30mg Vyvanse doesn’t do it for me. I’m going back to adderall xr.
    side effects were dizzy when leaning down. Also I’m worried if I take a higher dose of Vyvanse will i hear noises/voices that are not there. Spooky

  20. Judy Woods

    My son is 9 years old had been taking straterra 25 mg 40 mg and 60mg it would work for a few weeks then his teacher called said he wasnt paying any att. in class and was getting in alot of trouble and was short tempered.The dr put him on vyvanse30mg he has been taking it for 4 days dont see any change except he dosen get any sleep the first night he never went to sleep.Is anyone else having this problem?

  21. Cheryl Adams

    My son started Vyvanse 3 months ago. His grades went up but he is very aggressive, irritable, and moody. He is depressed also. I am taking him to a psychiatrist soon. He cut his arm on purpose saying it would make him feel better. He is really scaring me. 14 yrs. old. Is it hormones or ADD? Concerta always worked until this year.

  22. tina

    My son also became very depressed while on Vyvance. He was irritable and didn’t care anymore. BE CAREFUL because the side affects shouldn’t last longer than 4-6 weeks. I took him off and he is talking with me again.

  23. annie

    hi, i have ADD and depression. i’ve been super depressed, doc has me on wellbutrin and celexa for that, but i have absolutely no energy. i spend days in bed and haven’t been able to hold a job, i’m 26 so that’s a problem.
    So he gave me vyvanse…i took it yesterday for the first time…at first it seemed good, but within a few hours i was bouncing off the walls.
    has anyone else had this happen? i’m going to try lowering the dose.
    thanks 🙂

  24. Nick

    My son was on Vyvanse for about 3 months. Results were mixed. I don’t think it lasted that long, and the social side effects were far worse than his behavior. He had no interest in friends, eating, or doing anything other than staying at home. We took him off the medicine, and now he is sleeping from 4pm until almost 7 the next morning. Has anyone out there stopped taking the medication and had this happen, and if so, is this normal?

  25. tina

    Yes. My son (14) went through the same thing. It should go away in a week. My son is definitely better without Vyvance. He suffers from social anxiety and anxiety. He also looks healthier because he is eating.

  26. TJ

    I’ve been taking Vyvanse for almost a year now. I was the kid in high school that just slept through class, and able to pass with a C average just by guess work and some note-taking right before the test. Then I got to college and decided I had to buckle down and study. I just honestly didn’t care to, no matter what I did I couldn’t focus, concentrate, or care. My first stat’s 2 test, I didn’t study and made a D. We only had 2 more tests the entire semester, and I needed at least a B to maintain my GPA. So I studied my butt off for the next test and only made 3 points higher. My dad had been diagnosed with adult ADD the year before, and my mom had been wanting me to see the doc for it as well, I finally gave in. I started the class with 2 D’s on the first test, and was just a few points shy of an A for my final grade. I made a 96 I believe on the final. About a year ago, my doc switched me from Adderall to Vyvanse. I would not be able to function at my job (tax auditor) because of all the small annoyances and frustrations if it weren’t for this medicine. I haven’t experienced any of the side effects you guys have been talking about. The only negative thing I may be able to contribute to it is that I have to force myself to go to bed at night. But I’m naturally a night owl anyway. Just my two cents.

  27. Lisa Castaneda

    My son Zakary has just started taking Vyvanse and his emotional state is of a woman with PMS. LOL. I was wondering if this is normal. He is getting really attached to his older brother whom he normally fights with all the time. His overall reaction to this medicine is wonderfull, but will the emotional roler coaster his is on go away.

  28. Mike Schambers

    I just started taking Vyvanse and I am very impressed on the difference between AdderallXR and this drug (I used to take AdderallXR for awhile).

    Adderall made me lose some weight because when I first started taking it I had no appetite at all. I eventually got used to it and had some increase in appetite, but half of my eating was almost forced. As of right now I weigh about 132 pounds with about 2 months on Vyvanse. I’m 5 foot 7 inches btw.
    On AdderallXR I was between 120 and 130 pounds, which bothered the hell out of me because I don’t exactly like being a stick-man.
    But now that I have been taking Vyvanse I almost have no appetite loss and am gaining weight, something I’ve been trying to do for some years now.
    My focus is great and I actually don’t have as many side-effects as i did on AdderallXR…
    I guess everyone has different effects from these “ADD/ADHD” medications, because some of my friends also take these kinds of medication and do great with them (Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin).

  29. Frank Farmer

    Those adults using Vyvanse should not at this time be using it. First, if you read Vyvanse (Shire) website and literature, Vyvanse is designed for patients ages 6-12yrs of age. Second, Vyvanse is NEW to the market FDA approved in the Spring of ’07. Not saying that is a bad thing. Shire has a good track record for ADHD/ADD drugs. Third, Shire has reformulated Adderall (Rx) to make Vyvanse primarily because Shire patent is set to expire in 2009 or 2010 for Adderall.

  30. Sarah Mac

    Hey.. I’m a 30 yr. woman with ADD.. January 07 I started taking Adderall XR – 20 mg in the am & 20 mg at noon.. I didnt feel any side effects, just smooth sailing! About 2 months later I noticed it wasnt working so well. My dr. increased the dose to 30mg in AM and 30mg at noon.. For 7 months everything was fine, no bothersome side effects.. BUT, once I left my job to start my business I decided to take a “med-holiday”, well this is where I ran into trouble… I stopped taking the Adderall xr for about 2 weeks, and when I began it again I started getting incredibly bad tension headaches, anxiety, sinus pressure, jaw pressure – actually all kinds of pressure… LOL.. I was on/off alot.. I just couldnt handle Adderall anymore – not even half my regular dose..

    I changed drs just last week, and he put me on 30 mg of Vyvanse. OMG – its only been 3 days and I already feel mild panic attacks! I dont know if its all in my mind, or because I now know the risk attached to the meds, but I constantly think I’m dying!!!

    It’s funny because I feel fine for probably the first 4 hours, but after that its all down hill.. I get waves of exhaustion/hyperness, my pupils are like pin drops, and I feel really weird – like really anxious! Has this ever happened to anyone? Do you think the dose is too low, and I’m having bad rebound effects? I doubt that there is anything serious going on, since I was on 60mg of Adderall XR for 10 months, but I’m worried it wont go away! HELP!!!!

  31. dimlo

    I take vyvanse a feel weird im 13 i feel shaky dizzy it doesnt help me focus my grades are going back down after switching from adderall xr i liked adderall besides i couldent sleep

  32. debbie coyle

    My 16 yr old daughter is taking VYVANSE 2x times a day 30 mg each dose because the effects wear off after about 5 hrs for her. My question she has lost 12 lbs and is small to begin with this is a concern to me,what addes to this is that is a vegaterian as well. Any suggestions on supplements or shakes anything to “fatten” her up. Her grades have improved greatly and although she has some anger issues i can’t rightly blame it on the meds because this has been there before hand. I want to help her gain weight any suggestions!

  33. Justin

    Wow, this has been an informative thread. I’m a 31-year old male recently diagnosed with ADD and I just started taking Vyvanse a couple of days ago. I feel really good when I take it but when someone says something negative to me, it just really throws me. I also find myself close to having mood swings, but I don’t. I also have the dry mouth with the bad taste, But other than that, the results have been excellent. I can focus better, I have more energy. That’s the early prognosis, I’ll post when I really get a bead on things.

  34. mookie

    Justin- the dry mouth and bad taste- should go away after a week or two- drink plenty of water or chew on gum. But I still experience what you described as “close to having a mood swing” and I’ve been taking Vayanse for 8 weeks. You didn’t mention having trouble falling asleep- but when I first started, I would have difficulty falling asleep and if I would wake up in the middle of the night, I had trouble falling back to sleep. Sleep in fine now that side-effect went away, just like the dry mouth.

  35. Charlotte

    My 10 year old son took the meds for the 1st time this morning and is said he cried all day at school and complained that his shoulder hurts. Sounds like some of the other (depression, flu (aches)) I read in other post. Not sure if I should give it to him again.

  36. Dawn

    My son is 13 and has been taking Vyvanse for about 2 months now. He started at 30mg, then 60mg, then 70mg. We have dropped the dose down to 60mg because he just wasn’t himself on the 70mg. He is a totally different kid on this medication. He has had great sucess on it. He hasn’t taken any other ADHD type of drug before. He is however having bad side effects with it. He can’t sleep(which has gotton alittle better the longer he is on it), he doesn’t eat, he has developed OCD. He chooses to skip taking the meds on Weekends. Has anyone else tried this? He doesn’t take them on weekends because he sleeps to late. And if he doesn’t take them by 8:00-8:30 he won’t sleep at night. I am very concerned about the OCD. He gets started on something and can’t stop himself. He can’t put it down or leave it alone. He has lost 10lbs already, and can’t afford to loose any more. He is 5’2 and weighs under 90lbs. He has always had a problem with sleep, so that doesn’t bother me as much as the other two things. Are there any good to drink protein shakes or drinks, or other things he can drink during the day to stay ontop of the weight issue. Has anyone experienced the OCD thing? I would appreciate any feed back anyone may have about any of these things.
    The good about it is so good in his case that I hate to change him to something that will take 4-6 weeks to start working.

  37. Dawn

    My son is 13 and has been taking Vyvanse for about 2 months now. He started at 30mg, then 60mg, then 70mg. We have dropped the dose down to 60mg because he just wasn’t himself on the 70mg. He is a totally different kid on this medication. He has had great sucess on it. He hasn’t taken any other ADHD type of drug before. He is however having bad side effects with it. It doesn’t seem to wear off, he can’t sleep(which has gotton a little better the longer he is on it), he doesn’t eat, he has developed some OCD behaviors. He chooses to skip taking the meds on Weekends. Has anyone else tried this? He doesn’t take them on weekends because he sleeps to late. And if he doesn’t take them by 8:00-8:30 he won’t sleep at night. I am very concerned about the OCD. He gets started on something and can’t stop himself. He can’t put it down or leave it alone. He could pick hair or fuzz off of something for hours. He has lost 10 lbs already, and can’t afford to loose any more. He is 5’2 and weighs under 90 lbs. He has always had a problem with sleep, so that doesn’t bother me as much as the other two things. Are there any good to drink protein shakes or drinks, or other things he can drink during the day to stay ontop of the weight issue. Has anyone experienced the OCD thing? I would appreciate any feed back anyone may have about any of these things.
    The good about it is so good in his case that I hate to change him to something that will take 4-6 weeks to start working.

  38. Kelly

    I was diagnosed with ADD well into my 20’s and my senior year of college. I started out on Adderall, which worked well, but I had HUGE crashes/highs and lows. I then tried the Concerta which did not work at all for me. In November 2007 my doctor put me on Vyvanse and it has been wonderful so far! I do have some of the same side effects others have had being on the 70mg. I have also noticed if I take it any time after 9am, I am up at night until at least 1am. So I make sure I wake up between 6 and 7 am to take it, so by the time I need it around 8 or 9 am, it is working full force. I have the dry mouth and I still do not have an appetite until later in the day (in time for dinner).

    PLEASE NOTE! Vyvanse is not for EVERYONE! My aunt was put on Vyvanse about the same time I was and has NOT been good for her. She has HORRIBLE mood swings, even while being on Prozac at the same time. Her OCD has become worse and she is apathetic most of the time when she isn’t having a mood swing.

    PLEASE talk to your doctor or your child’s doctor if you are going through any side effects you are worried about. There are so many new ADD/ADHD drugs on the market now there is sure to be one that will work for you/your child!

  39. Kelly

    I meant to respond to you as well. I also tried not taking it on the weekend, and the problem with that is I noticed that when I stopped for more than one day (like I didn’t take them on Saturday and Sunday), on Monday, it was like I was taking it for the first time. Please tell your son to keep taking them and you should talk to your doctor about the weight loss and see if dropping the mg down again might help.

  40. Karen

    Reading all of the responses have been very helpful. I have a 14 year old son who started taking Vyvance two months ago and is generally doing well. His grades greatly improved along with his classroom behavior. He was taking 50mg and was recently increased to 70mg. My biggest concern is that once or twice a week he is experiencing intense headaches. Any feedback on problematic headaches?

  41. debbie

    I posted above about my 16 yr old daughter. I see her anger fare more frequesntly now and am more apt to at least put partial blame on the meds. As i stated she lost 12 lbs and i asked the doc about this she suggested “ensure” i went with high calcilum because she doesn’t drink enough milk, and a daily mulit vitiman they have one specifically for teens at wal mart. Amy one have thoughts on the anger issues it’s wearing me down becasue i am the brunt of it.

  42. Dawn

    Thank you for your response on this. I really appreciate it. I did speak to his Doctor on Friday and he suggested dropping the dose down to 30 mg.
    Do either of you know or anyone else know if you can take this without food. I suggested that he set his alarm on the weekends and have it next to his bed with a glass of water and just take it and go back to sleep. We are under the impression that you need to take it with food.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this.

  43. cory clark

    I am currently using Concerta, and i have to say that it works as far as Length and focus, but the main side affect i don’t like is that i am easily annoyed with others and i get mad and pissed off too easily. so im hoping this new medication doesnt have that side affect. does anyone know thats used concerta before that it doesnt cause this side affect

  44. TabyBaby

    Im 22 and just got put on the drug about a week ago… so far so good! I’m in school and I sleep A LOT! I needed a pick me up to get thro the day and to get all of my work and projects done to bring up my grades. I have had little if any negative side effects so far. dry mouth is a givin,… drink some water. It helps me focus very well and sit for hours getting work done. I’m on 30 millagrams and it doesn’t last all day. It helps me stay awake during the day but does not keep me from goin to bed at night or even taking a nap around 4 or 5. It has not had much of an effect on my appetite either. I eat small meals often… which is good for your metabolism btw 🙂 but anyway i will update in a few weeks to post any change.

    love,… taby

  45. john

    I have been taking vyvanse for 2 days (30mgs) and 30 min after I take it I feel tired real low, like I am crashing hard. I dont want to do anything, will these symptoms pass.

  46. debbie

    John i would give Doc’s office a quick call to see if this is a passing side effect, it may well be be but i don’t screw round with these type of meds first of all their are many other choices and secondly their side effects can be dangerous. Best to be safe than sorry. Debbie

  47. debbie

    I have posted before my daughter sarah (16) lost the 12 lbs.i see more of the mood swings and additonal weight loss, my son’s girlfriend is on Concerta any thoughts on that one although i’m beginning to see they work differntly for each individual, this girl loves it, maybe Sarah won’t not sure, just want her to get on the right right med, so fustrating! debbie

  48. tina

    DEBBIE: Hi, my 14 year old son went through the same severe mood swings. He had NO patience for anything or anyone. He also had severe headaches. He could not eat or sleep. He quickly lost weight. I could not bare to see him go through all this. I felt as though I was “drugging” him. I stopped the Vyvance! I’d rather try something else. As mothers, we are to protect them and show them that they should be open to trying something to help them, but at some point, understand (and be ok with) that we are open to trying something else. THere is always something else!!! Don’t force your angel to do something that even our common sense is telling us that something is wrong. It really is ok…try something else. It’s better than doing nothing. You will be so glad that you didn’t give up.

  49. debbie


  50. tina

    Hi Debbie, let me know how what you end up doing. It’s nice to know that my son and I are not alone. He is currently taking “ATTEND.” It is a homeopathic medicine that I bought at a health store. I did the research on it and decided to give it a try. He has been on it for one week and the results, so far, are WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I encourage you to “try it!” You don’t have anything to lose since it’s just “brain food.” I’ll check back in a day. Oh and NO side affects. He is only taking 1 a day.

  51. cathy

    I am so glad I found this website. I’m so concerned about my 10 year old daughter. She is taking 30mg of Vyvanse since January. The first few months were great with the exception of sleep. It’s a constant battle to get her to bed at night. her grades went from c’s and d’s to a’s and b’s. Recently she has started having problems with rage and moodiness. She came out and blamed the meds. She even says the kids at school notice that she is no fun anymore. It breaks my heart. Has anyone seen the rage issues with their kids. I’m going to check out the ATTEND.

  52. Michael

    I’m 37 and just started Vyvanse today (50mg) for ADD and noticed the effect of the drug almost instantly. A lot of the posts scare me that this drug isn’t the cure-all my doc says it is but I have to admit I feel fantastic today. I’ll update later if I get the negative side effects. I’m also on Alprosolym so maybe that’s countering some of the side effects people noticed right away. Doc also said the Alprosolym will help with sleeping issues at night

  53. SVC's Mom

    Hi everyone. Monday my 14 year old son will try 30mg Vivance, his first ADD med, he’s resisted for years, but the Dr. said he can just take as needed, few side effects. I am very hopeful this will help him become proactive and self motivated in school. We took him off Xoloft causee he was doing well, but i still see boughts of depression and low self esteem, and I’m hoping once he feels in control of his tasks and not overwhelmed by school, depression won’t be an issue. I am concerned about any of these drugs effecting his sexual development. He has not gone through puberty yet. He already has trouble sleeping. I give him melatonin, which helps, and when need lorazipan. Does anyone have comments about adolecent boys and sex drive?

  54. Danw8rz

    I am a 48 year old male & rather sensitive to these types of medications. I take 30mg of Vyvanse every other day. I wish they made one that is either 15 or 20mg as I could take it every day. There is a local compounding pharmacy that could actually do that for me but he told me that since it is a relatively new drug it would be very expensive (approx. 500.00) to put together a 60 to 90 day supply. This medication works very well for me & the fact that others have had a bad go is typical of most medications of this type on the market today. What works well for some may not work well for others. Some years ago, I was put on Zoloft & had a bad reaction to it. I got off of it & now take 10 mg of Lexapro along with the 30mg of Vyvanse every other day & all seems to be well. My best to everyone who is dealing with ADD/ADHD & be happy that there are options out there & that is allot better than it was 25 years ago or longer.

  55. judyelh

    Hi–my son has tried everything since he was 5–he is 16 now—I WISH an alternative treatment would have helped! we finally did try vyvance, but needed a ritalin or dex kick-in—his metabolism takes so long for the vyvance to work. for the first 2 weeks, he fell asleep in class–that has gone away. But he has said he feels better but feels more impulsive and moody on the vyvance with dex—we are now trying it with the ritalin–10 mgs in the am to kick the vyvance off. does anyone else find that the vyvance takes so long (sometimes 4-5 hrs) to take effect?

    he had been on concerta/ritalin for years and had trouble eating—with the vyvance he has gained 20 lbs in 4 mos! wonderful!

  56. SArahh08

    Serious Side Effects and Serious Concerns, but still on Vyvance

    I am a 24 year old girl who has tried a number of ADD medicines, including ritalin, adderall, and concerta. Vyvance has been the only ADD medicine I have taken on a regular basis, so I can’t accurately desribe the side effects of the others or compare them.

    I weigh 118 pounds and was started on 60mg. The first day I took Vyvance I could have sworn I just blew a gram of cocaine (and I would know). The feeling was EXACTLY the same, it was scary. I did notice that it says all over the packaging that people with a former drug addiction should not take the drug, and now I know it’s because it feels uncannily similar to the feeling of being on a lot of cocaine. The coming off effects were not as dramatic though.

    I was taking the medicine at 9AM and wasn’t able to sleep until 3 or 4 so I asked my doctor for a lower dose. BTW when speaking with my doctor, I discovered that Vyvance is made by the same people who make adderall. I am very familiar with pharmaceutical companies and know that when a drug starts to lose its patent, it will play with the doses and molecules to basically create the same drug but file a different patent to protect its rights. Since Vyvance is twice the dose of adderall, I think it is just half as strong which is why you would take twice as much.

    Heart: I am scared to death that I am going to over exert myself so I have cut physical activity out of my life while taking Vyvance. I am worried that if I increase my heart rate, I might have a heart attack or something.

    Vision: I have noticed blurry vision if I stay awake after 12AM.

    Mood: I am incredibly anti-social, intensely focused, moody, irratible, snap at people easily, but even weirder I have had the first suicidal thought of my life on Vyvance. I can honestly say I am a very happy person and never actually considered suicide, the first week I took Vyvance, I noticed myself conjuring these thoughts of my death and memorializing myself and what people would say at my funeral. THIS REALLY FREAKED ME OUT. I am constantly in a bad mood, but I am taking Vyvance so I can get my work done, which it is accomplishing amazingly.

    Appetite: After switching to 30mgs which I currently take (and am on right now), I was happy to find the appetite suppressing qualities remained, which any 24 year old girl can appreciate. However, I found myself becoming aneorexic, (which really is defined as less than X calories per day), as I was probably consuming between 500-800. for example, I have not eaten lunch for the past 3 weeks and am finding that I don’t enjoy food as much and am eating because i know I need the nutrition.

    Based on the experience I have had, I am very concerned that children are prescribed this medicine. It does allow me to focus on my work, which it great, but the negative personality effects are dramatic and out of character. I went from being a happy cheery person to insanely focused on my work and unable to tear myself away from it, and being grumpy and unpleasant to be around. I notice that i don’t want to talk to anyone.

    IF YOU NOTICE IRRATIBILITY, ANGER, OUT-OF-CHARACTER BEHAVIOR PLEASE BE WARNED. I felt the same symptoms and if there are more similiarities with your child and my experience, I don’t think children are capable of handling it. I think its good for adults though that can differentiate normal behavior and irration thoughts.

  57. SArahh08

    I saw a lot of people seeking advice on how to combat appetite suppression. something I noticed was that I had an affinity towards carbohydrates. Bagels and grilled cheese are sometimes the only thing I can eat.

  58. Dawn

    To the 48 year old, I just wanted to let you know that when I was dealing with the dosage amounts for my son. His doctor said that I could break open the capsule and dissolve it in 4 ounces of Juice. Then only give him 2 ounces and put the other 2 in the refrigerator for the next day. Maybe try this and see if it works for you.
    I also started on Vyvance about 1 to 1 1/2 months ago also my first ADD Med. The problem I have is I crash in the afternoon, and I am not sure if it is helping me focus any better. I also had hopes that it would help with my memory problem. I don’t believe it has done that either. I have tried all the doses. Does anyone know if you take 1 30 in the morning and take another 30 in the late morning or early after noon if it will keep you going all day? Or if it effects your sleep or does any good by taking it that way?
    If you have answers I would love to hear them. Thank You!!!

  59. Mommy42007

    My 8yr old started Vyvanse 30mg 4mths ago – She was doing very well on it for about 2 mths – We noticed pretty severe mood swings & irrietablity. After 3mths she seemed as if she wasn’t on meds at all. Her teacher became very concerned and has noticed “ODC” quilties coming out. She seems to rings her hands (until they are beat red), rubs her arms the same way (until they are beat red) this usually only occurs when she is upset or nervous but for an 8yr old that is quite often. We have just recently increased her to 50mg and today is her 2nd day. I will be talking to her ped. to find out more information about OCD & Vyvanse. If there is anyone else who has noticed this type of behavior please let me know. I am very concerned.

  60. Samantha

    Want to know why your kid is wringing her hands? Irritable? Nervous?


    An adult can consent to this stuff. A kid can’t. Just because it’s easier on you not to parent your child and to hop them up on drugs doesn’t mean it’s moral. Your doctor says yes and prescribes it because it gets him paid and lines his pockets.

    Do some damned research before you make your kids go insane and have heart problems like I did!

    My parents forcefed (literally shoved it down my throat) Adderall every morning for 5 years. Up to 70mg a day. It stopped when I was in the hospital with a heart rate at dangerous levels, they thought I was going to have a heart attack. I need to have a valve replaced before I’m 30 because of this shit. And worst of all — I never learned how to study, how to work without drugs. I was on Adderall all of high school and now that I’m in college I’m suffering because I never learned how to do anything without Adderall! Because I wasn’t allowed to!

    It gave me severe emotional problems, paranoia, anxiety, which have persisted to this day! Don’t put that kind of suffering on your kid. I’m ashamed for humanity here, reading these posts from parents with five-year-olds who can’t even use proper grammar and are drugging their kids. What the hell is wrong with you? Why procreate if you’re just going to poison your young?

    DONT DO THIS TO YOUR CHILD! WAKE UP — They used to prescribe heroin for pain and depression — now they prescribe speed for lazy parenting. You’re killing your kid!! STOP IT!

  61. Tiffany

    So i just i got diagnosed with ADD last year when i was 17. Well im 18 now and about to start college, my consuler thought it would be best to go on ADD medication. So i just started taking Vyvanse yesterday. It feels weird to me, i dont no if it’s me but im alot more emotional(i have no idea if thats normal. It seems like it’s helping. I just want to no if me being emotional is just me or the medication. If someone can let me no that would be great.

  62. tina

    Do you have children??? Then you really don’t have any idea what you’re talking about! Your parents felt they did the right thing and your anger should be towards them. You already had the emotional problems, paranoia, and anxiety so don’t blame it on the adderall. That was probably why your mom felt the need to “help” you. You should be ashamed of yourself for judging them and these parents that are just really trying to help thier kids. This has NOTHING to do with bad parenting.
    Answer this…Let’s pretend you know what it feels like to be a parent of a child you would do anything for…after years of trying to help your child learn how to study, focus, and remember what he is being taught. After years of hearing teachers telling you that your son is failing year after year because he doesn’t pay attention. Time and time again, your son is becoming so overwhelmed, again, and begins to cry, at age 13 because he feels stupid and feels like he is just getting worse. What would you do???? Knowing that you have already gone through 5 years of doctors, neurologysts, tutoring, and counseling appointments. Let’s not forget the school system, they won’t help him because he is not “low” enough.
    Seriously…you need to be “in” this situation to really know the desperate feeling a parent gets over them from feeling helpless in helping their child.
    I have been a teacher for 5 years. I have problems paying attention and I do know what a problem(to say the least) this can be. I am willing to “try” to help my son.
    Some parents don’t even try.
    So what is your “cure all” solution? We are all listening.

  63. D.H

    For JOHN KEARNEY:STOP the Stratera it doesn’t do anything. It just builds up in your system WITH CRAP and with no benefits whatsoever..The research I’ve done Stratera is the worst medicine to take for add/hd..try something else.
    FOR SARAH MAC: I know what your going through I’ve been on Vyvanse for 2 weeks straight and been having anxiety..decided not to take it for one day on Sun and the anxiety seems worse! I feel sooo anxious..didn’t know if it was me or the medication or a rebound effect. I’ve heard from doctor’s that it’s the one with least side effects as far as mood swings. It be good to know if anyone else ha been getting the anxiety. I’m on 30mg once a day.I would think that increasing the dosage would only make the anxiety worse.

  64. Jenni

    I have been on Vyvanse for 4 months now, I am 27 and had severe agitation, and mood swings because I was always aggitated. I would explode on family members and friends because I would get annoyed with the smallest things one should be able to block out. I was always “crabby” and unhappy because I was always in a bad mood. I was unable to focus, I could read a whole article in a magazine and not remember what I read because my mind was somewhere else. Since I have been on the medication, I have noticed I am alot more particular about organization of things around me. I have never been that way I could live for weeks with my room/home disorganized and a mess. Now, I always feel the need to be tidy and organized. I also pay alot more attention to detail. My doctor started me on 30mg and that is where I still am. I have had not one side effect or any health related issues. I researched the medication like crazy for days before I began taking it.I have never been one to believe in taking medication to control anything. I always believed that your body takes care of itself and one goes through “phases” if you will. I have found that even though the medication is supposed to be taken 1st thing in the morning, or when you wake up after your first meal, I wake up at 630 for work and I do not take the medication until approx 11 am.I have found this works tremendously. I have noticed a huge improvement in my production at work. I do not understand how these children are taking such high doses though. I at times have more energy than I need. I do not think I would increase my dosage. I visit my doctor once a month and monitor my actions and response to the medication. This is very important.Normal chek ups with your primary physician I also recommend especially if any heart related health problems run in your family and make sure your doctor who is prescribing the medication is aware as well. Overall, I am very please with the medication and the effects of it.

  65. tina

    I am so glad Vyvance worked for you Jenni.
    My son was able to pay more attention than usual in school when he took Vyvance. It wasn’t enough that I would say it was worth the severe side affects. I am now going to try him on Zoloft.
    Has anyone else tried something that would give my son energy, motivation, and/or a smile? He is so down all the time and doesn’t go out the house much. He is like Eehore (sp) from Pooh Bear. I love him so much…I wish I would see him more “happy.” He is now 15 and going to 10th grade. He tells me that he doesn’t like being lazy and he wishes he could do more.

  66. D.H

    TINA, my daughter is 8 and tried Vyvance. She had similar side effects.She’s now on Daytrana patch 15mg which doesn’t bring her down. Good luck with your son.

  67. tina

    D.H. Thanks I will talk with his doctor about Daytrana. Did your daughter appear hyper, Or the opposite?
    Why did you decide to med your daughter? I am not being nosey, just trying to learn more. I have been fighting the schools to give my son bette help. They refuse because he is not severely failing. It’s amazing that the school districts can apply their own laws.
    Are any of your children receiving real assistance from their schools? If so, how did you do it?

  68. EAMKHS


  69. Pam

    Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking Vyvanse? I am taking 50 mg a day, and notice too much hair loss when I take a shower or brush my hair. It’s making me nervous and I’m not sure if it’s from the Vyvanse or my high blood pressure medication. I am a 50 year old woman. Other than that, Vyvanse has given me energy to get things done every day- not sure if I’m really focusing any better, but all other side effects from the beginning are gone, such as insomnia, dry mouth, etc. I have been on Vyvanse for 2 months now and feel wonderful on it.

  70. Christy

    Today my son just got his first prescription for Vyvanse he has been on Concerta for probably the last 4 to 5 years (maybe longer). For a long time it worked well but recently it doesn’t seem to work as fast or last as long and everytime we have made a dosage increase it as been cause he has said he wasn’t feeling like it was working like it should. As with any medication I’ve been trying to find as much out on Vyvanse as possible. Yes some of the side effects are scary to hear and to think about and I was just as concerned when he started the Concerta because at the time it was fairly new on the market. I want to hear it all the good the bad ALL OF IT!!! Some of you need to keep in mind that our bodies process medication differently based on our metabolism and the we all might not benefit from it and occassionly you will have to try several different medications to find the correct one for you or your child. In the end we all have concerns on the side effects short term and long term but what are the benefits? How has it helped yourself or your child? My son has failed the 6th grade and just finished up his second year in 6th grade and barely got through it that was harder on him then knowing he has to take meds. For those of you who think us parents with children who have ADHD are taking the easy way out-how about you walk a mile in our shoes with the mood swings the anger the comments they make about themselves being dumb and stupid then you maybe you will see that what we do is to help our child not hurt them. I know that’s why I did it it was the last resort-we tried wraparound we tried behavior programs tutoring the whole nine yards. The medication made a world of difference. So please don’t pass judgement so quickly for some of us dealing a child with ADHD it was a hard decision to make and I sure I not alone in feeling that way. Please email anyone I would like all the information on vyvanse I can get. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

  71. Vyvance_newbie

    I’m a 48 yr old male with ADD, long term major depression, dysthymia, anxiety, hyper-somnia, and very poor concentration and motivation. I am currently being treated by a Psychiatrist as well as a sleep disorders specialist. I have a mild case of Sleep Apnea.

    I take 60mg of Paxil and also 4 mg of Valium as needed in addition to 50mg of Vyvance.

    I was only recently prescribed Vyvance and these are my impressions:

    It does help me concentrate and focus more, and for a surprisingly extended period of time, although not “all day” as has already been noted by antother commentor. My Psychiatrist my increase my dose to 70mg. I don’t anticipate taking a dosage higher than 70 mg.

    The side effects include less saliva which was ok for me, counteracts the loss of sexual drive I’d been experiencing – perhaps due to depression or the Paxil I take. I do get red eyes from the medication and so I use eye drops. Vyvance may cause anxiety. Especially in persons with no prior experience with amphetamines this may be a real challenge.

    Vyvance has helped my ADD symptoms, however, since these symptoms are complicated by my Psychiatric diagnoses and sleep disorders, the benefit is incremental (yet significant). I am very happy with the results. I have not come to expect miracles from any one medication.

    I may be prescribed Modofinal (Provigil) during my next visit with the sleep disorder specialist and hope the combination will be another step in the right direction.

    All-in-all, for me, Vyvance has been very helpful. The side effects for me have been tolerable.

    If any Physicians are reading this, I urge you to consider utilizing Vyvance, Provigil, Tramadol, Riluzole, Tianeptine, and any other new or existing drugs for as-needed (and “off-label”) for the benefits they may achieve. I urge you to be willing to use these medications by themselves, in combination “first line” drugs, and in any combinations with each other – especially when first-line medications have limited or no results.

  72. elizabeth

    After being on adderall xr for one year my doctor switched me to vyvanse. The adderall er caused me to “bottem out” and crash really hard. Hence the reason behind being switched to vyvanse which is supposed to smoothly ease in and out of the system. Welllll… here is what got quite interesting for me. On 30 mgs of vyvanse I began to experience exxxxtreme anxiety. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and I spooked really easily. These feelings grew worse as the days went by and by the second half of the week I felt like I was burning up with fever. My temp was 102 and my liver and right kidney and abdomen felt like it was on fire. I felt like I was cooking from the inside out! I went to my physician and he told me to stop taking this immediately! I thought I was experiencing a gall bladder or kidney infection. They ran tests and I peed in a cup. My protein and sugar and all came back perfect with no trace of any kind of infection… which is weird because the doc said fever signifies an infection. Exactly 12 hours later, the intense lower back pain and fever stopped on a dime. You could set your watch by it. I must have had some kind of allergic reaction to this new drug? All i know is that i have not gone near it since and i feel great. The only pro I can think of is that I could concentrate the whole time almost and focus better at work. When I wasn’t doubled over in pain! I am a 35 year old mother and this blows my mind! p.s. i am in excellant health and fit sooo iiii don’t know. It scared my husband to death.

  73. MJ

    Vyvanse 30mg for 3 weeks then up to 50mg during a 90 day period caused my 6 year old to exhibit extreme paranoia, obsessive compulsive behavior, bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts.

  74. MH

    I am an adult female 45 years old. Switched from Adderal to Vyvance to avoid that “end of the day” drop. Instead I feel lethargic, exhausted and in a total daze most the entire day. Totally unproductive. Waking up I feel like i have a hangover. I feel drugged. I have lessened the dose – that doesn’t work either. This has been going on for 3 mos. Has anyone else experienced this?

  75. CLB

    I am a 38 year old female and have mild ADD.
    I have tried focalin and adderall. I have taken the vyvanse for 4 doses, not every day and have had severe muscle aches and my skin is very sensitive when touched. I also fell feel lazy, being content on just sitting. I am very snippy aggrivated with most people. With adderall I feel I have more control over my day and the amount of “concentration” I will need for the day. I use the generic adderall and can use a half or whole. I just wanted to give an update on some side effects I have noticed since starting vyvanse. I have the common dry mouth, but not so much a decrease in appetite. My biggest complaint is the muscle tightness and sensitive skin.

  76. Susan

    I am a 44 y/o female who took Adderall XR intermittently for a couple of years and was switched to Vyvanse 5-6 months ago because the Adderall XR, even dosed twice-a-day, wasn’t lasting long enough. For those of you just starting on Vyvanse, the ONLY thing I noticed for the first few days was a dry mouth and bad taste. By about day 5 I noticed the “energy/focus” effect as well as a bit of what I call the “caffeine jitters”; over time the dry mouth isn’t nearly as bad.

    Vyvanse (like Adderall) helps me get through the day and accomplish normal, necessary things (most important is taking care of my kids). Without it I am lethargic, depressed, and just can’t get myself to do some of the simplest things like returning phone calls. However, the desired drug effect only lasts about 6 hours for me even on the 70mg dose. I take it around 10am, but I feel myself crashing (little energy) by early evening. I am often irritable, sometimes anxious & jittery. That said, it’s still worth the side effects to be able to function normally during the day.

    I have a question about a possible side effect: blurry vision when trying to read smaller print (close vision). This has been occurring now & then for about 2 months and is happening more often, but it comes & goes. Has anyone experienced this? I don’t know if it’s drug-related. Thanks.

  77. Amy

    I just don’t think this medication is right for my son. It’s starting to freak me out! My 8 yr. old was put on 50 mg. of vyvannse a week ago. He has been going up and down. About 30 min after he takes it he’s trying to clean everything in the house…and then a few hours into it he crashes and sleeps. He complains of belly aches and grinds his teeth so much even when he’s trying to talk. It is so hard for him to go to sleep. I just got him down and it is 1:30 am on a school night! About an hour ago he came to me crying with a headache and I couldn’t keep him from rubbing his eyes..they were red and puffy and then complained it was hard for him to breathe out of his nose. I gave him a Tylenol for his headache and laid him down and as I was wiping his eyes with a cool cloth I noticed something very scary about his pupils. They would dilate huge and then get small again at a very fast rate. I woke everyone one in the house and everyone saw the same thing I did. I was going to take him to the ER but he went to sleep after the Tylenol kicked in. I am a nervous wreck after seeing his eyes that way and now I can’t sleep! All I can do is watch him..I will be at the doctors office first thing in the morning to see what he says.

  78. Nikki

    I have add and I take adderal, but it gives me terrible headaches to the point I dont want to take them anymore. The doctor has tried switching my dose and tried putting me on the slow release, and I still get headaches. And when I dont take my meds I start doing bad in school and Im going to be a nurse so I need to make good grades. Does Vyvanse give anyone headaches as a side effect?

  79. LeAnn

    I have read all of the posts. For those of you who have felt all of the following: anxiety, irritability, lethargic, depressed and paranoia, I felt all of those things for the first three full weeks of taking Vyvanse. I had to continue taking it because when I decided to stop taking it I went through 2 full days of horrible depression. Since then, I all of those awful side effects went away and now I am experiencing the desired effect of the drug. I can concentrate on anything I am doing and not only do it well, but almost perfect as I am much more detail oriented. The only downside that I still have is that it only lasts for about 5 hours and then I definitely need a short nap. I am also taking Vicodin for a protruding disk in my neck and find that if I take one right at the end of the cycle of Vyvanse, I don’t have the crash. My face and arms also feel very hot at times, but I can deal with that.

  80. Hello all, I read through everyone’s posts and I’m hoping to get some insight about Vyvanse.
    My daughter has exhibited signs of ADHD & ODD for years. After three years of being blown off by eveyrone telling us she’s fine, I stopped bothering. Once puberty hit she got worse – I believe she has ADHD and BiPolar (as does her father).
    I took her to psychiatrist and she said the fastest way to determine if she is BiPolar is to put her on an ADHD drug to see if the symptoms get better. She put her on Vyvanse 30mg once daily (my daughter is 10 and weighs about 74 pounds).
    Within 3 days I noticed a HUGE difference. She would focus, obeyed, didn’t fight us over everything, etc. It was such a blessing. Then, over the next few days she started exhibiting obessive/compulsive behaviors. She’d do the same activity for hours (i.e. she was doing dishes, but started organizing the cupboards ALL the cupboards, she’d read but read constantly without moving from the spot for hours, or she’d do research in the yellow pages on a specific topic for hours on end)

    I called her shrink and she says to stop the Vyvanse immediately and come back in this week.

    ALSO — to those who’ve posted messages judging us. My family and I only take herbal remedies. We’ve not taken prescription meds unless we absolutely had to. For the past 6 years I have been treating my daughter with natural rememdies (my husband as well) and NOTHING WORKED. I don’t agree with parents popping their kids full of drugs as the first sign of behavior issues, however like a post above said, try living with them then see how you’ll feel. Don’t judge us, we’re doing what is best for our kids (despite the guilt some of us feel for having to put them on such heavy meds) so they can grow and prosper.

    THANK YOU GUYS for any advice/info you may have…

  81. ashley

    We have tried every ADD drug under the sun. Two weeks ago his doctor put him on 20mg of Vyvanse. His teacher said that she could not even tell that he was on meds so we increased it to 30mg. Personally, I am not sure this is enough. He has been on the 30mg for 3 days and I see no difference. How long does it take to really get in you system and work? Does it have to build up or should it work the first day. I will say he doesn’t fight me in the morning to take it and his appetite is a whole lot better compared to the other drugs he was on. I am just soooo frustrated b/c he was tested and is very smart, but he can not seem to do the work in class or on test to make the grades he should be making. This is affecting his self esteem and it is just killing me. Any advise?

  82. Grace

    I am a 20 year female, I have been on adderall since i was in the 6th grade. I CAN’T stand the side effects, I have tired raising and lowering my dose, I have also tried dexetrine, ridlin, and stratera, all of witch i did not like. I am SEVERELY ADD and i need to find a medication that I can be myself on but still function like a human on. Someone recommended Vyvanse to me, do you think it might be a dramatic change?

  83. My son is 16 and has been on Adderall since he was in grade school. It was a miracle drug for years for him. He was always in the gifted programs and got straight A’s. Freshman year of high school started out ok but his grades dropped the second semester and he was really struggling. Now sophmore year he has been a mess since day one. He hates school and is not doing his homework. He is very depressed and can’t concentrate to save his life. We just went to his psychiatrist this past Saturday and she prescribed Vyvanse. He took his first one yesterday and he said he didn’t notice a huge difference but he was not upset either and he did get some homework done. I am hoping after taking it for a few more days he will notice a difference.

  84. RJ

    I am a 46 years old female, diagnosed with ADHD earlier this week.

    I started on 30mg and am now on 50mg. My doc thought it was fine to up the dosage 10mg if I felt okay.

    So far it’s been fantastic for me. I am more calm, especially in stressful situations. Able to focus better. Less impatience.

    I had a headache on day 1 and still wake up in the middle of the night. Lucky for me, NOTHING can stop my body from falling asleep at 10pm. I do notice that each night I am doing better and waking less so maybe my body is adjusting.

    I also have dry mouth and decreased appetite. I’ve heard that both symptoms go away in time. Does anyone have experience with that? I actually like having dry mouth … reminds me to drink more water. Decreased appetite is fine too. I love to eat and I don’t need to be hungry to eat chocolate, ice cream or appreciate a 4 course dinner (last night).

    Overall I’m just a happier person.

  85. K. Appleton

    Our son (12) took both Adderall and Concerta. The first excerbated his tics (hair pulling) and the latter caused horrible outbursts and moodswings. Now he is on 20mg of Vyvanse daily, and has just entered middle school. So far so good. Side effects are decreased appetite and sleeplessness, which we are dealing with, the latter cancelled out by melatonin in the evening. We have been through the wars, and Vyvanse is the best med we have tried yet. We do plan to wean him off meds as soon as possible, though. We are not happy he is on them, but the alternative is unthinkable. He is a different student on Vyvanse – focused, willing, cooperative, less easily distracted. Cheers, K.

  86. Bennett Orr

    I just started taking vyvanse about a week ago. First day sucked. The next two i felt great. But every day after that i have felt strange. Before i started it i felt slightly depressed but now i am not. Social anxiety has decreased. However i feel as though i may be strongly apathetic. Nothing seems to irritate me, not even the usual things. It feels like i have to concentrate on a particular mood just to get it going. Its hard to describe it all. its not bad, but i def feel weird

  87. mark

    Ive really been struggling with what i think is add all my life to date i guess it has got much worse in the last twelve months since i quit smoking (anyone else been here). After reading these posts on the medication im honestly pertified to try any of them! anybody help with advice on other methods to try first ?

  88. Angie

    I just wanted to make a comment those who are against any medication. I’m not sure about anyone else on this board, but I have tried eliminating different things from my daughter’s diet, adding things to her diet, allergy investigation, etc… And she just simply hass ADD! Just like someone who has epilepsy needs seizure drugs, she needs ADD drugs. Maybe the kids who respond to diet changes either are much more mild, or they don’t actually have ADD.
    By the way, we are trying Vyvanse. Started at 20mg for 2 weeks. We saw a wonderful change, but it didn’t last through the evening, so we are now trying 30mg. She was about 4 weeks behind in school work and simply couldn’t get it done. We knew she had ADD, but didn’t really want to admit it. Her dad homeschooled her last year and I am in awe of teachers who may have to work with multiple kids at a time with untreated ADD. She caught her work up in 1 1/2 weeks!!! She told me that when she still drifts off, but now, when she does, she can “bring herself back”. That is something she couldn’t do on her own before. She loves not being made fun of or called “dumb” at school and is a straight A student again. Only one side effect so far, and that is that she is only eating a few bites for lunch and not snacking during the day. She is of average build, maybe a little tall.

  89. Holly-olly

    Hi, everyone. I am a 31 year old female who was just recently diagnosed with severe ADD, after spending years in therapy with various therapists and getting misdiagnosed as Bipolar. When my current therapist suggested ADD and I did research, I realized without a doubt, this is it. It’s insane that it’s taken this long to get a diagnosis. I’ve spent years in therapy, trying to change my behavior through natural means (homeopathy, nutrition, meditation, etc)…and though some of these things have helped a little, nothing has been able to mitigate the huge problems resulting from all of my ADD symptoms (which have affected every facet of my life). So today I started on Vyvanse. It’s the first medication I have every tried. So far, I have no side effects, but for those ADULTS out there for whom this is WORKING, how long did it take for you to see results? Do any of you adults with ADD have any suggestions for resources to check out / other ways to cope? I’ll post another message later when I know if Vyvanse is working for me.

  90. Holly-olly

    Oh…as an addendum to the above…I meant to say Vyvanse is the first medication I have ever tried for ADD. (I’ve tried numerous other psychotropic meds to no avail).

  91. Tracy

    My 13 year old daughter is severely ADHD. She was treated with Ritalin for several years and it lost it’s effectiveness. She became depressed over her struggles with ADHD and started taking Paxil along with Vyvanse 30mg one month ago. Within the last week or two I have noticed that she is apathetic… null and void… no real emotions! She can’t describe how she feels. I am also seriously concerned about her new OCD. I have to hide all nail clippers… she kept cutting her toe nails until they would bleed and now her toes may be infected. She is biting her finger nails until they bleed. She is constantly popping her toes and she has been pulling out her eyebrows. Her grades have declined. She had her first F ever on her last report card. I was relieved to find this blog… it confirms to me that her new problems are related to the Vyvanse, not the Paxil. I will not give her another Vyvanse. We see her doctor Monday and I will share this blog with him.

  92. Sam

    This whole thing is absolutely disgusting. You, and really we as the American people, are all loading our kids up on this scarcely tested, dangerous amphetamine. Just look at the list of side effects. There’s obviously more bad to this substance than good. Don’t give your kids fucking amphetamines. Anyone who thinks that’s a good idea should be shot, except in the extremely rare circumstances where it’s really, really necessary.

  93. Tracy

    Dear Sam,
    If it wasn’t extemely necessary I would have never resorted to medicating my child with the “fucking” amphetamines!! I don’t dope my child up for the hell of it! She is my whole life and I am trying to help her, not hurt her. Don’t share your fucked up opinion until you have parented a child with ADHD and all their struggles that go along with it. It’s not easy to watch your child be depressed because she thinks she is stupid and feels like she is not like the other kids because it takes her longer to do EVERYTHING

  94. Tracy

    I wasn’t done with you…
    You have no right to judge any of these parents until you have had to fight the same battles. It would be much easier to just give up on our kids than it would be to continue to seek help for them. We do this out of love… forgive us for hoping that there is a miracle drug out there that will help lift the fog and help our children see things more clearly. I am tired of seeing my child suffer and hell yes I want a solution! I have been through hell and back for my daughter and I will never give up on her even when pricks like you sit on your throne and point an ignorant finger!

  95. John A

    I just want to thank all of you for sharing your stories. I was just prescribed vyvanse, and i am a bit leery about it. I really dont like taking drugs for anything, but feel like i am at my last resort. my life is crumbling because i have zero motivation to do anything. I am distracted by the simplest of things and have no focus whatsoever. My pharmacy didnt have the dosage i was prescribed so i won’t get it until tomorrow or monday. I am hopeful I will have it soon, and hopeful that it will finally help me out. I have tried Wellbutrin (bupropion), Strattera and most recently Focalin all without any success. So, I am hoping this one will work for me. I’ll keep u all posted. BTW i am a 41 year old who was diagnosed with ADD a few years ago. I tried diet changes, i tried supplements (ID6, SAMe, St johns wort, excita plus, adrecore, etc.) and none of them were effective. Now, it seems to be getting worse, and is deepening my chronic depression. Hoping for a miracle… drug.

  96. Jenny

    I noticed upon reading the prescription information that Vyvanse can be dissolved in water to be taken. My question is has anyone ever tried opening their pill to take only half in the am and then taking the rest 4 hrs later. I ask because I have noticed that the medicine works well for me for about 4-6 hours and then I can tell its gone. The only reason I am asking about this is because insurance will only cover one pill a day because it is a time released drug. Any thoughts or suggestions? I can’t imagine splitting it up would be bad since the directions say you can take with water if you have trouble swallowing the pill.

  97. Jenny

    I noticed upon reading the prescription information that Vyvanse can be dissolved in water to be taken. My question is has anyone ever tried opening their pill to take only half in the am and then taking the rest 4 hrs later. I ask because I have noticed that the medicine works well for me for about 4-6 hours and then I can tell its gone. The only reason I am asking about this is because insurance will only cover one pill a day because it is a time released drug. Any thoughts or suggestions? I can’t imagine splitting it up would be bad since the directions say you can take with water if you have trouble swallowing the pill.

  98. Determined

    You should be able to empty half out of the capsule and save the other half in the capsule for later use. We are doing that now with Adderall XR because I felt the daily dose needed to be cut in half. I phoned the pharmacist prior to doing this and he said it would be fine. You might want to call your pharmacy and ask about the Vyvanse. But you will notice that if the full dose has been working well for 4-6 hours, half the dose in the morning will not work as well as your full dose has been even though it doesn’t last as long as you would like.

  99. Nicole

    I am not even sure where to start… I am a 38 y/o female. My son and I were both diagnosed with ADD or ADHD 3 1/2 years ago. My son was in 3rd grade and was given concerta 36mg and I was given Adderall. Mine took about a month to tweek and get the correct dose. My doc prescribed 20mg cap. with updates every 3-4 days. with 20mg we could increase dose easily and in the end 40mg in the morning and 20mg in late afternoon worked best. My side effects were loss of appetite (thank God), dry mouth(which kept me drinking water, not a bad thing)the worst thing was constipation. After about a year the latter side effect made me want to try something else. Doc gave me a script for concerta. Concerta did not work for me. Went back on Adderall. I would just stop taking the meds for a couple of days at a time to help with the bathroom issue. In July 2007 we lost our oldest son, and after trying several antidepressants off and on until this summer, I just kind of got annoyed with drs, therapists, pharmacies, and insurance issues so I just weened myself off of everything. I haven’t taken any meds since Aug, but I am so lathargic, don’t really care about anything, and just want to sleep all the time, I am now going to get back on the Adderall and Cymbalta.

    What brought me to this site was the fact that my 12 y/o son started vyvanse 50mg this week. We have always been happy on the concerta but at the end of last school year he made his first D ever in school. (He has pretty much been on honor roll since he started his meds). This school year he spent the first 9 wks grounded on some level because of his grades. With 2 weeks of starting the 2nd 9wks of school I had already been contacted by teachers 2 times. His grades were falling yet he could answer ?s in class, some of his teachers would allow him to answer test ?s orally to them which helped him. His side effects from concerta were lack of appetite, trouble falling asleep, and for about the last 6 mos I have noticed that he is grunting or making noises for no reason. The sleep issue leveled itself out and was only a prob if he took meds after about 9am. The lack of appetite stayed unless he did not take meds. (He usually doesn’t take meds when he is not in school). he has also picked at his fingers, biting nails until they bleed. I’m not sure if this is a med prob or not. It does clear up tremendously during the summer, but he did this back in first and second grade, before he started meds.
    –This week on vyvanse my poor son has slept prob about 4 hrs each night–this happened when we started concerta. I talked to some of his teachers and his grades are improving–the class in which his grades had fallen the most(math) said that she has noticed a huge improvement–(not sure if that is the meds or the fact that I told him I was going to come sit in class with him, which I have done before)—-He is still grunting and the OCD thing really scares me, he is naturally very emotional and sensitive(prob overly sensitive) to kids making fun of him— and he is already not very active as there are not any kids near us so I don’t want him to be less social and active than he already is.

    I have gone on and on and on here I just am not sure about the vyvanse- I think that I may try opening the capsule and trying to give about 2/3 of the capsule to him and see how that works. I want to give the meds the oppurtunity to work and I know some of the side effects work themselves out over a few weeks time. Has anyone else noticed muscle or verbal ticks and how long would you say it takes for the sleep problems to go away?

  100. Beth

    I’m a 23 year old college student recently diagnosed with ADD. My doctor started me in 50 mg of Vyvanse and the very first day I took it I was suuuuuch a chatter box! It’s gotten a little better.. So are the common side effects like dry mouth and not being hungry. I am concerned bc I start to crash around 5 pm (I take my meds before class around 9:30 or 10) and could probably go to bed at 6:30 or 7! I feel like a zombie in the evenings! I do see a difference in my mood and focus. I am not as easily aggrevated, which excites me, and I can focus better on whatever I am doing. I’m just worried about the Crash. I have read a few entries before mine and I am just curious to know if the crash gets better or does it mean I need more or less medicine? I’m going back to my doctor soon to report how the medicine is working. I was just curious…

  101. Darren

    I am an enormous fan of Vyvanse. I took Focalin XR for two years (20 mg in the a.m. and 20 mg in the afternoon). It was a roller coaster even though it is an extended release medication. I would be irritable on it because it caused headaches and increased aggression. Vyvanse does not produce these side effects for me. In particular I do not miss the headaches that Focalin XR caused. Vyvanse is “smooth” — you do not feel it kick in or wear off. By the time it has wore off you don’t even realize it. There are some down sides however. For people who have fatigue you cannot rely on Vyvanse to help get you out of bed and moving like Focalin XR does. I don’t feel Vyvanse is as strong either. I think the dosage should be allowed to be stronger.

  102. Carol

    I have read all the postings with great interest as I was started on Vyvanse about two months ago. In retrospect, I clearly had ADHD as a kid. Engaged in all sorts of masking behaviors, including bouncing through temp jobs, but I never finished anything. Diagnosed at 46, because I got tired of rootlessness, restlessness, and feeling worthless. At a 30 mg dose of Vyvanse, I was delighted because for the first time in, well, it seems EVER, my mind and my body calmed down. But my concentration didn’t improve by much (if I’m interested in something, I have *always* hyperfocused, forgetting/ignoring everything around me for hours on end–including basic physical needs). The 50 mg dose made me feel strung too tight–restless, twitchy, moody. Doc switched me to 20 mg Adderall, and another 10 later in the day if needed, which made me feel like I was “jumping out of my skin,” as someone above put it–just this side of a full-blown anxiety attack. Now I’m on 40 mg of Vyvanse, and am still dealing with some of the same issues people ask about above, so as confirmation:
    HAIR LOSS: Yes. It’s freaking me out. Clumps in the shower and in my brushes. Daily.
    CRASHING: Absolutely. We upped to 50 mg, and then to 2 doses of Adderall daily to try to keep me going past 5pm (crash-time). Driving home on the interstate was often so difficult that I considered sleeping on the floor in my office.
    HEADACHES, WEIGHT LOSS, etc.: I have lost 20 pounds since mid-September, and am hoping the dry mouth and low-grade tension headaches will subside, but so far they’ve been pretty constant. Of greater concern to me, and my question:
    SLEEP: Do any adults taking Vyvanse have trouble getting to sleep nights? I have been up as late at 6:30 am (for a 7:30 wake-up), but average 2:30-3:00 am–usually getting between 5-6 hours of sleep (1-2 at worst). Usually I’m hyperfocusing on my work (sometimes productive, but often obsessively going off on tangents), unable to notice obvious things, like the clock! I haven’t heard anyone say anything about nonproductive “hyperfocusing” habits–any suggestions for breaking them? They seem worse on the meds.

  103. my son is 7 now and started takingvyvanse 30MG a day at first it realy did work well. but now i notice he fills more alone then ever how do i be strong for mt son and his changes? i dont want him to lose who he is and yet when i tell his DR.they just want to up his dose. is there any DR. that really cares for my son? NOW THEY WANT ME TO PUT MY 6YR ON THE SAME THING i am verry worried about my family i to would like some hope and peace back in our life please help!!!! lisa

  104. Cathy

    I’m a 56 year old female diagnosed with ADD last year. Was taking Adderall 20 mg 2x day, but would often forget to take the afternoon dose until later, often choosing to skip pm dose as it was too late in the day. Changed to Vyvanse 70mg about 4 months ago which helped enormously. Like others, dry mouth has passed & no trouble falling asleep if taken before 8am. Last 6 weeks have experienced extreme “clenching” causing severe muscle tightness and strain evidenced in everything I do – computer work, driving car, including standing with arms folded and/or lying still in bed at night. Got some temporary relief from massage/body work (jaw, neck, shoulders, back & even leg muscles); not long term solution not to mention expense! Also have noticed much hair loss which I’m thinking is primarily a result of the physical stress in my body caused by the medication. Psychiatrist acknowledged the clenching is symptomatic of the Vyvanse and we agreed to switch back to Adderall mostly to give my muscles/body a badly-needed rest. Would like to return to Vyvanse in the future, perhaps at one of the lower doses available. Thanks to all for sharing your experience.

  105. Penny

    My daughter is 14 and she was on Vyvanse over the Summer and the Fall. Since she was 10 she has been on Concerta which had always worked great but her body was not responding to it anymore. Anyway the Vyvanse was awful, she was not focused, she seem to be angery alot, just very irritated. Her grades started slipping and she was even being late to class and getting detention for it. I told the doctor, and just to prove to myself that was what it was I took her off of it for 2 weeks, the 3rd week we went to the doctor and he put her on focalin, she has done great! Attitude is wonderful she is doing great in school and it has not seem to per say take of personality away, she is still full of life. I am thankful that I have a great doctor, we are in a large practice of 15+ doctors but we have an older doctor and he has been with the practice for many many years, he was there when both my 14yr old and my 7 yr old were born and he is the only one I will see! Vyvanse is not for everyone so if you see a change in your childs behavior do not ignore it. You have more options.

  106. Sarah

    I am a seventeen year old girl and i was recently prescribed vyvanse. Although i have done extensive research on the various side affects, the only I have noticed is a mild “crash” at the end of the day and lack of appetite. I have always been athletic, and after being on the medicine for a few days I was wondering if I should start my high-intensity workouts again? Also, the weight loss I am worried about. I have an athletic build with a lot of muscle (i am just shy of six feet and i weigh 145 lbs) i want to stay that way because I am very comfortable with my weight. I have been getting comments since i started it that i look “thinner” or not as healthy, but i am never hungry!!! After only 2 days i have lost about 5-6 pounds because I used to eat so much! any ideas to adjust to my loss of appetite? I’ve been trying to remind myself to eat every few hours and i’ve always eaten a healthy, high-protein diet, but its hard because i always used to be hungry and now i am never hungry!

  107. nikki

    Hey im 13 years old and i have been on vyvanse on and off this whole year.I have had decreased appetite,decreased weight, nausea, and waking up in the middle of the night. please tellme if this is normal!it helps me tremendously, but it makes me sick and not myself. Sarah, i dont eat anything anymore either, and i used to eat all the time. my mom makes me eat because im taking other medications

  108. brittni

    im scared to take vyvannse but my grades need to go up. i’ve have every add pill that has came out.adderall and concerta is better than the others. people should’nt take it everyday.i could go two days with eating only 2 meals.

  109. nicole

    To Tracy, Christy, Tina & the other parents out there dealing their kids cocaine (vivanse, adderall, same thing):
    The reason all of us adults who have taken these drugs are coming down on you so hard is that unless you have doubled the dosage you give your kids & tried it yourself for a month or 2, you have no idea what you are putting your child through. Otherwise take a gram of cocaine each day for a few months & see if you think your child would be okay on the same shit. And then think about that every single time you give your child that medication cause it is truly no different. Don’t pull this, “have you ever had kids with add/adhd” bullshit because I don’t care if your kid is a walking terror – there is no excuse to resort to feeding your kids cocaine (aka vyvanse, adderall & it’s other equivalents.) I have literally taken the same dosages as a 28yr old that you feed your kids & have actually wondered before if I might die that day because the heart pounding & panic attacks were so scary. I have been extremely healthy & happy my entire life. Yes, trouble concentrating – but not to a degree that I would risk my life just so I could concentrate better or get better grades. My doctor assured me vyvanse was ok (of course he gets to drive nice cars & live in beautiful homes to feed me these lies) & for the first time in my life I had lost all motivation for everything I ever cared about, was depressed for no reason, couldn’t get out of bed, & started to not even care about living. I’ve ruined some of my relationships b/c I went from a sweet loving girl to an aggrevated & mean person lashing out at people. All for 5 or 6 hours a day of concentration & better performance at work. NOT WORTH IT. If it is worth it to you to risk your child dying, becoming suicidal, becoming a crazy psycho person for the rest of their lives (with you to blame – yes, you are to blame), all so that you can deal with their hyperactive behavior or learning problems – then yes, you are a bad parent. You better have read, tried, & tested diligently every single natural cure & remedy including alternative learning & combinations of all of the alternative natural cures before you actually think you are a good parent dealing your kids these messed up drugs that WILL ruin their life one way or another. The fact is: You are ruining their life & killing them regardless of anything else as long as you are feeding them these drugs. So if it’s worth it, just know – that’s what you are giving up – their life just to make yours easier. Don’t forget that.

  110. Debby

    My Five yr. old was put on it, and it did help her with her ADHD. But, because of her decreased appetite she was so malnourished by it, her hair fell out! Now 6 months later, her app. is no better..she isnt sleeping and has developed a bowel disorder! Because of this drug.

  111. Marie

    After trying every alternative method out there I finally decided to place my son on meds in middle school (he skated through elementary only because he is gifted and attended an exceptional school with incredible teachers who “held his hand”. Reality hit when he entered middle school and he began to fail Algebra, Language Arts, S.Studies and even P.E. while testing in the top percent on State Standardized tests. At home he became intolerable, using profanity (not used by us) at us and his siblings. His friends bagan to dissappear. We finally got him diagnosed and began the medicine journey through HELL. Concerta (any dose) a disaster he became meaner, more profane grades improved but home life became unbearable. Adderall (any dose) same thing. Focalin (any dose) same story. They all helped with attention in class and grades but I knew these were not the answer. Of course on NO meds we had the triple slap bad grades bad attitude and his new issue “I’m stupid that’s why I can’t do well in school.” and then it became “I hate school, when can I drop out?”. I called his pediatrician and she recommended we try this new drug Vyvanse. She put him on 50mgs. He weighed around 140 lbs. 6ft. tall 14 ys. old. The very first day he took this medication we noticed the difference. He was calm, woke up showered and got ready for school by himself. freshman year in high school and he has a 96 average in Algebra and a 90 in L. Arts. Other grades are not as high but in the 80’s and he likes school again. After a couple of months the company came up with 40 grs. and I had his dr. bring the dose down 40 on weekdays and 30 on weekends, holidays and summer he is off the meds. The side effets I noticed were his appetite dercreased for the first part of the day but in the afternoon he wolfs down anything he can find. I sotck up on ice cream and as many proteins and fatty foods as I can. His sleep pattern has actually improved as he puts himself to bed NLT 10:00 each night. He is easy to talk to, profanity is practically gone (he is a teen). He lets me hug him and kiss him and is receptive to praise (before if I said good job on this or that he would respon “yea whatever!”. I just want to encourage all of you out there in this miserable and anxiety filled journey to help your kids don’t stop, DON’T GIVE UP! And please please tune out those people who are condemnig and angry about their OWN experience and issues. You are these precious ones’ parent and love them unconditionally. Keep searching out there talk to your pediatrician keep an open dialogue with your child’s teachers when you chnge doses or meds let them know and have them email you or write notes letting you know if they see progress or if things worsen. Research actually shows that untreated adoescents with ADHD will more likely experiment with drugs. This is a chemical imbalance and if we as parents don’t help them find a way, they may spend the rest of their lives self-medicating in a subconcsious effort to find their “own solution.” In addition (and I know this from being an educator for 20+ years) they WILL fail in school and miss the opportunity to reach their potential and discover their gifts (and they ARE gifted in so many different ways). Again I plead with you don’t give up, continue to love them and help them. Marie

  112. Tina

    This is a reply to Marie from the post on Jan 7th, 2009. Thank You!!! You do not know how much I needed to hear what all you said! My 16 year old son has just started taking Vyvance Oral 30 mg yesterday, Jan. 12 at 7am before school. I have read some real horror stories about this medication, but I have actually read more positive ones. My son suffers from ADD and is very inattentive because of it. This has been since the 4th grade, that is actually when we noticed it, so no telling how long he has really suffered from it. We tried Adderall XR, Concerta and Straterra. WOW!!! Is all I have to say about those, they did not agree with him in anyway. I take that back his grades did come up in the 5th grade to A’s and B’s, but that’s about it. So, since the 6th grade to now, he had been trying to handle all of this without any meds. I know meds aren’t always the answer, and believe me, we have tried the last 5 years without them, but I am willing to try anything to see if we can’t get his self-seteem built back up and those grades up to acceptable levels. I love this boy so much, I just want to take all of this from him, but since I can’t, I have made that step once again to get him some help and see if there isn’t something out there that will help him deal with this situation. Like your son, he hates school-work, and feels really “stupid” due to the lack of concentration he has in class. So I guess he figures, why even try? Well, he and we can’t give up, it’s a battle we have to continue to fight, for his sake!!! The way you have desribed your son, is almost carbon copy of mine. I know the 30 seems like a low dose, but I think his doctor just wanted to start him off slow, and see what works best for him. He actually said that he felt like he was able to concentrate in class more on the first day of his first dose, but thought maybe it was becuase he “KNOWS” he “took a pill”. We’ll see, but once again Thank You Marie for sharing, it means a lot to know we aren’t the only ones out here that have this to deal with. I would like to correspond with you via e mail, what a great support system that would be. My email is if you would like to respond to me. Tina

  113. Sally

    I began reading these postings to try and get some reviews from other parents out there regarding ANY information on ANY of the ADHD medications. My son 9 was recently diagnosed with ADHD. He has always been hyper, I have no problem dealing with that. Every teacher he has ever had brings it up at some point in the year. I simply responded to them that his grades were A/B and we were not putting him on medication just because he has a “big” personality. It was not until about 8 months ago we all started seeing changes, major changes in him. His big personality has slowly been replaced with sadness, self blame, and lack of self worth. For people like me, people like STEPHANIE bring me to post. I think the point that we as parents of these kids ADHD/ADD/OCD etc) are trying to explain (not that we have to) is that our children have way bigger issues than behavior, or us not wanting to deal with them. Their emotions, each child being different, are all messed up. (As you describe yourself, blaming the meds! Maybe you should rethink finding the right one for yourself.) The issues that my child had/has were so “rat in a cage” feelings. He wants to feel better. I do not know why I am trying to expain anything to you. You have ADD and your symptoms will not let you believe that you are ever wrong, and you think everyone is out to get you. I am just sorry that you are spending so much of your time worrying yourself about our decisions and our childrens best interest when you obviously quit taking meds and now your symptoms are back (maybe these are not long term effects of past medications). I would be willing to bet you have some other socially unexceptable thing going on in your world as well, and you want to blame someone else (your parents, meds, and even us)for your anger. See a Therapist!!!! Move to a chat room for people who do not have aything or anyone else to do and whine and complain to them. We are actually trying to help each other and our children here. Sally

  114. amber

    im 16, i take vyvance and i dont like takin it cuz it makes me feel tweaked out, i like that it makes me feel fkd up but i get all shaky and all that…i hear things,ive been see’n shitt omg its crazyyyy how do i get off this drugg? im addicted!!!!& i WONT go to rehab!

  115. Bekki

    My son is 6 and just started Vyvanse on Friday. The first day after he took it was such a God send!! He didn’t get mad at the little things and he actually played well with his 3 year old brother. I really resisted putting him on any kind of meds, because after all, he is a kid. But when his dad and I couldn’t go 10 minutes without putting him in his room 3 times and by the time he went to bed at 8:00, we ended up exhausted and frustrated. Now Chris is happy, and his teacher actually gave him a hug and told him how proud of him she was. The only thing I’ve noticed (so far) was the lack of medication around dinnertime. He would get a little testy, but still nothing like what we had gone through before Vyvanse. Before the medication, he would constantly yell, jump up and off the furniture, grab things out of his brothers’ hands and throw things. He was also very moody and aggressive towards his sister and brothers. Now, we can actually sit down and enjoy a family dinner without having to chase him around. For those people who say that we should blame ourselves for medicating our children…GROW UP!!!!! I will do anything for my child and if that means putting him on medication for a while, then so be it. We had talked to him throughout this experience and told him that eventually he might have to take meds. Ya wanna know what he told us? “Mommy I want the medicine. I can’t control myself.” And yes, that was exactly what he said, no paraphrasing here. For those that have tried everything and ended up here, congrats to you!! This shows that you really do care about your precious children. And ignore those pansy asses that have nothing better to do with their time than rag on us parents that have come to our wits ends and have gotten the neccessary help for our kids.

  116. Rhonda

    My son is 11 and taking Vyvanse 70mg in the am and 4omg at lunch. He is very small already for his age he is 4’5 and weights 63 pounds. He is having major problems with his afternoon classes this is his first year of Junior High. He is failing science and art. Now that we started the afternoon does he is also having bahavior issues. I agree I think he is a little on the moody side. He usually doesn’t have an issue with sleeping. He has been on medication since the first grade. He has ADHD severe. I called my Doctor in tears today it seems that every step we take forward that we are taking 3 steps backwards. This is my first time to ever log on to something like this but I am very concerned. He has tried almost everything they make he it just always stops working on him. He does eat lunch and dinner he doesn’t eat breakfast. I’m just worried about him the things he was saying last night I seen other people post today that they feel the same way that was helpful to know that. According to the amount he is taking a lot more then everyone else that has logged on and it still seems like it is not working. And his tick is back now that we have added the afternoon doseage and we all know how junior high students can be they have already made fun of him. He has never had bahavior issues until this year. He is very polite and well mannered. He still is except he really is having issues in the afternoon once the Vyvanse wears off. Any suggestions? Not taking medicatin is not an option is was failing and his self esteem had dropped to nothing.

  117. Mary

    I am a 24 year old female, mother and also a student. I have severe inattentive type ADD and it’s affect on my life has been devastating. I have been treated with almost every med. on the market with little to no success. I have been taking vyvanse for about 2 months now and am finally feeling hopeful about my future. It was difficult however finding the correct dosage. For the first month I took 60mgs and was experiencing symptoms of too high of a dosage ie. not sleeping at all, overstimulated, excessive talking, dramatic shifts between elation and depression. I am now on 30 mgs and am gradually adjusting to the medication more each day. My experience to date is a smooth transition into an focused sense of awareness that was unavailable prior to treatment. What may seem menial but has had a great impact on the efficacy of drug treatment, has been my close monitoring of a high and steady protein intake and avoidance of simple carbs.

  118. anonymous

    my daughter is 8 years old and has been on vyvanse since sept. of 08 and has done really well. The only side effect she has had is the loss of appetite. Her mood swings have greatly decreased since we put her on it. I praise vyvance and anyone else who put their child on it. Anyone who doesn’t like it that’s just too bad.

  119. Deb

    My son is 9 and been on vyvanse about 6-8 months now. Originally on 30’s down to 20’s when they came out, and just this week back up to 30’s.

    Concerta was a nightmare, that came complete with holes punched in my walls and huge tantrums. Patches just didn’t stick, and other er wore off too soon. But Vyvanse has worked really well.

    I put off medication for as long as possible, trying food modification, herbal supplements, the works, but we didn’t have any true change until we moved to medication. There has been bad, but an awesome amount of great! And at this point in time I’m glad we are medicating – who knows, that might change, and I do hope it is not a lifelong situation, but we shall see on that front I guess. But for now, his school work has improved through the roof, and he is enjoying school now (well, as much as any child enjoys school).

    Our experience has been much like Bekki above. Good through the hours of school, breaking down toward the dinner hour. And I can live with that. Although yes, my sanity is a little safer with him not bouncing off the walls, the whole point was for him to be able to cope with school and not be left behind. He is now doing wonderfully!

    One thing I have insisted on right from the beginning, no matter the drug, is that we have started off UNDER medicating, and I wonder if this is the reason we haven’t had the crazy side effects many have had. I would suggest those of you extreme jitters/compulsions etc etc look at REDUCING your dosages as an option, rather than doubling them up. I might have faulty logic, but being that these drugs are uppers it makes more sense to take as little as possible, rather than the most.

    For everyone, good luck with finding what suits you best.

  120. Kat

    My brother (age 27) just started taking vyvance after being on adderallXR since he was 8. He was off the adderall because his girlfriend of 8 years thought it was immoral or something, so he stopped adderall cold turkey in May. He gained 40 pounds in like 3 months. He became depressed, lethargic and unproductive, and they ended up breaking up as a result. Anyway, to make a long story short, the vyvance has been working for his energy level, mood, and makes him less irritable than when he was on adderall. He actually wants to wake up in the morning, go and do positive things like he used to.He did have a weeks worth of diarrhea though. (Can’t win ’em all!)
    What intregues me most about this website is that many of you are describing side effects- (which can be either positive or negative) of a CNS stimulant. Whichever way you fry it- its a drug that is potentially addictive, (psychologically and physically). In fact, those headaches, jaw pain and other types of tightness that everyone talks about are serious symptoms that may indicate narrowing of the blood vessels (suggestive of hypertension and/or dangerously high heart rate)and could be an indicator of an impending stroke or MI. (Not to scare anyone, some people build up a tolerance to a drug like these just fine and then these go away….) but it’s those people at high risk just beginning the drug that NEED to be careful. ANYONE with heart issues- even a slight history of trouble needs to monitor their blood pressure often, especially at first. Trust me- I’ve worked on a drug/ alcohol rehab unit as a nurse for enough years to know that sometimes you don’t know you’re at risk for a blood clot- many people just aren’t informed about what they’re putting into their bodies and don’t realize what the side effects really mean.
    The sad thing is- these stimulant drugs really do work… they speed up your CNS and allow some to focus better, suppress your appitite and tend to make you jumpy or easily set off. What happens is our bodies gradually adapt to having the drug in our system and compensate by eventually lowering our blood pressure etc, and making us functional ON the drug. So those that are noticing that its “not working anymore” just means that your body is normalizing and you are missing the feeling that the original dose created before your body adapted to it. That’s called tolerance- the body’s defense against something disrupting homeostasis.
    To those parents who were accused of being lazy or uninformed- God bless you! I don’t have children myself but know a number of families who have suffered with the heartbreak of a child who is not able to concentrate and has no ability to focus. Youdo what you think is right, given the circumstances… and that is admirable. I admire your bravery- my parents had to do it for my brother (severely dyslexic and ADD) and have not regretted it since. He was a new kid.
    So that’s it- good luck to everyone and Godspeed. (No pun intended!!):)

  121. nichols

    My 5 year old son has been on Vyvanse for 2 weeks. Before, he hated school, was having some terrible anger issues both at school and home. He had not made any friends because of his over-aggressiveness. He came home with bad behavior marks from his teacher almost daily. These last couple of weeks, he has been very excited about school and his good marks. It has been wonderful seeing him happy and smiling. He is affectionate, sweet and a joy to be around. My issue are the eye-rolling episodes I have noticed. Maybe they are what is commonly referred to as “ticks”. At first,they were few are far in between. Now, they occur about every 30 seconds, and even moreso when he is excited. I am afraid that Vyvanse may not be right for us. I am concerned about the eye problem. It seems to be becoming a hinderance to him enjoying himself. I cannot stand to see him that way. I may try splitting the dosage tomorrow to see how that will work.I will also contact his doctor. Other suggestions are welcomed…..

  122. Abby

    My 14 year old son began taking Vyvanse during a double blind study with a healthcare group. The drug was said to be approved for adults but not children. I’m surprised to find this website and learn that children have been taking this for over a year. My son is doing very well on the drug and has been taking it for about 5 weeks now and has not experienced any side effects at all. His focus is very much improved and I am thrilled that we finally, after all of these years and trials and tribulations, have finally found a solution. If anyone is aware of why they are doing this study, at this time, please respond.

  123. Patti

    I have a 12yr old son with ADHD and on Vyvanse 70mg. Can anyone tell me what the signs are of a dose being too high? Many thanks :O)

  124. Morgan

    Im an 18 year old girl and I have been taking vyvanse since fall 2008. As far as concentration and school goes, it helps me 100%. However, I have been having a really bad problem with PICKING MY SKIN. I pick at my arms and legs until they bleed and hurt terribly. I’ve got light scars and scabs all over them. I know it’s disgusting but I’m really not sure what to do about this. Lower doses arent sufficient for concentration purposes. I’m afraid to tell my psychiatrist because I have had this problem for a long time and haven’t said anything. I’m afraid he’ll think I just like the “lifted” feeling vyvanse generates during the first couple months. I don’t want him to take me off vyvanse when it helps me so much, but I can not continue to live like this. PLEASE PLEASE help. I’ve never heard of anyone else having this side affect before.

  125. I have a friend, 30 something years old who takes this med, a couple of friends (& this person) were having our “girls” day out and she was so freakin annoying, I was ready to tape her mouth shut. She reminded me of someone VERY COKED UP!!! She couldn’t concentrate on anything for longer than 3 minutes , talked any and everyone’s head off that came in sight encluding the waitress – she was really a one woman show, we just all were there to “listen” I suppose, since she wouldn’t shut up enought to take a breath so one of us could jump in and make any kind of comment. She was like one raw nerve, shaking etc, it was VERY ANNOYING. I could end the night fast enough. Lucky for me, when we all met up, I saw she was acting all coked up and had the good sense to drive my own car to dinner, left as quick as we could get out of there…totally ruined the evening for everyone, we all were like: “will she PLEASE SHUT TF UP”…she is a heavy smoker, combines this with xanax, seroquel and maybe aderall,?? grey goose and cranberry didn’t help, BUT it didn’t hurt since she was unphased by the one cocktail, was just as annoying from the start we met up to the finish…having said that I need a hot bath and a couple of tylenol..listening to the none stop gabbing over everything from the color blue to a dog turd has give me a massive headache!! Is this normal behavior, or is she just crazy as crap with a death wish???

  126. Amy

    To Morgan: It sounds like to me that you could
    also have another situation that is running parallel with your ADD. I think you should tell your doctor about the skin picking and see if he thinks that you have some OCD type symptoms…he should be able to add something to your vyvance and not take you off of it.

  127. Mike

    I really think that its sad that some people on this chat actually allow there kids to take mod/high doses of amphetamine. Adderol just like other ADHD drugs is an upper…thats all it is…it doesnt do anything else to your body but get you high much similar to cocaine. It’s a very bad and highly abusive drug. If you are letting your child take this med. or any other form of it for that matter you are at high risk of that child developing a serious and potentially life threatening addiction/dependence. This will not only change their lives but yours as well becuz your relationship with them will slowly get worse..i highly urge treatment to get off of that ASAP. A kid ranging fro 7-15 should not be taking upper’s like that especially in higher doses. TRUST ME if a kid takes a 10mg adderol…he or she is gonna feel it …no need for more then that if anything at all. Drugs are killing this country slowly…people depend on things way too much these days. WE NEED TO TEACH KIDS NOT TO DEPEND ON SUCH THINGS. I am not trying to put down anyone..i simply care about people and don’t want a little kids potential at life be fogged by drugs. Education is the key to all of this…

  128. Mike

    AND FURTHER MORE..ADHD is the most commonly misdiagnosed condition in America. I some respects, every person has some form of ADD. Doctors are terrible for allowing and suggesting some of these meds for little kids..and alot of doctors are basically legal “dope dealers”, most kids get a script for adderoll with no previous diagnosis of ADHD. They just make up a story and the doc gives them what they want…what kind of dick head does that? I think doctors should be lose their liscence and be punished severly for perscribing addictive med’s to people who don’t need them, especially when they know what it does and what it can lead to. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM FOLKS..bigger then any gas shortage issue or job loss. Our kids in this country are becoming less ambitious, more violent, and exposed to things at a much younger age then ever before..please try and educate kids and people on things like this to make a change in what seems to be a ticking time bomb of life. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that are dependent on this drug or drugs like it. I feel your pain..its very diff. to get off. People say its a mind thing and it is…BUT YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY IN THE END…YOU MUST SEEK HELP ASAP BEFORE IT REALLY BECOMES TO LATE. THERE ARE REHAB CENTERS THAT CAN HELP, BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE DONT LET A SMALL ORANG PILL CONTROL LITERALLY YOUR ENTIRE BEING..FROM SLEEPING TO EATING TO YOUR RELATIONSHIPS EVERYTHING!! GET HELP!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

  129. arlene

    my 8 year old son has been taking vyvance since march 14 2009 and his grades have gone from failing to as.however at night he starts to get very irritable and he takes a depakote for his mood swings but it really doesnt help just eventually knocks him out.he doesnt get alot of sleep im guessing its because of the vyvance.he has tried stratera before and it gave him chest pains and didnt work for him at all they also tried him on zoloft which made him so tired he was flushing it down the toilet when no one was watching.i do believe his adhd is real and he possibly will have bipolar in the future as it runs in his fathers family.while i find the vyvance to work incredibly from 7am to aboot 6 or 7pm i am at a loss what to do afterwards with his attitude.any suggestions?

  130. Rhonda

    I have been on Vyvanse 70mg for several months.
    I have always noticed that I grind my teeth more but when I went to the dentist yesterday,
    he informed me that most of my teeth are loose.
    I have noticed them shifting, too. Has anyone else experienced this excessing teeth grinding leading to bigger dental troubles?

  131. Jenna

    I have struggled with my daughter all her life. She is 8 years old. I excused her behavior as being “strong willed” and hyper. I have adjusted her diet over and over again. I have tried every “method” you can imagine. I have done everything in my power to help her help herself. I can’t tell you the number of times I have cried myself to sleep or had to pull the car over and cry. I have prayed. I have researched. I have tried behavior modification. Nothing. It was as if she would “cycle”. I can’t explain it any other way. Basically, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Her attitude would dictate the mood of the family. She WAS my full time job (although I do work part time and also have a 2 year old). My 8 year old is more difficult than my 2 year old mischievous boy. And now it is happening. She is struggling academically and socially. This is a child they also want to test for the gifted program. And I cannot follow her to school to help her. She is getting older and mommy cannot fix this. I am watching her backslide. Her grades are plummeting and she feels picked on ie: it is NEVER her fault. We do homework and she just does not turn it in. She always “forgets or gets distracted”.
    Today we started vyvance at 30mg. I am so torn internally. It has been such a struggle for me to decide to put her on anything. But you cannot “love” a child through this. When she cries and tells me she cant help the way she is..she says she was just born this way, God has made her like this. What are you supposed to say to your child when they tell you this? Just deal with it?
    For all of you sitting there in judgment of me and others like myself then FUCK YOU! That’s right, I said it. This has been THE hardest decision of my life. I would rather walk through glass then put her through this. It is actually KILLING me. We do not make these decisions lightly. Judge not lest ye be judged.

  132. anita

    hi i was reading from a woman and her 10 yr old daughter who was having alot of anger and rage well im seeing that in my son now as well im getting calls from school cause they say hes telling people hes gonna kill them and hes always been very sweet and freindly so teacher said it is strange to hear him being this way i very concerned they just put him in hospital to watch him and see how he does they have taking him off the med to see what happens its so hard to watch your child go throught all this and being a single mom i hurt for him

  133. I can relate to a lot of parents on this website leaving comments. I also have a son that has ADHD. My son was born at 6 months and he was not breathing on his own. He has no other issues besides the ADHD. When he was 4 he was dignosed with ADHD. I was one of those people that said I would never put him on that medication. I went to the outpost store and tried all types of urbal remedies. By time he got into K5 he was not able to sit, read as well as the other children but he could do math. I was then told that most children with ADHD are smart but at the same time they aren’t able to sit long enough to learn like the other children. I finally stop being selfish and put him on the medication and they put him on a pill that he had to take it twice a day that did work well because it didnt last all day. Then they put him on contera that pill he took once a day and it did really well. Now he is back to the medication not working. It is a constant battle because if he doesnt have the medication I have to leave work almost every other day to pick him up from school because of his behavior. I understand that to each its own but unless you are caring for a child that has ADHD you will never really understand what it’s like. I didnt until I had to live with it. He is 9 years old now and reading your stories helped me understand his anger, i didnt understand why he seemed so up set and angry all the time but now I know. I was just told by my aunt that there is some type of shake that supposed to help children with ADHD. They drink it in the morning and it supposed to help them calm down. I am doing research on that now. Thank you all for sharing your stories now I dont feel so alone. Tina

  134. crazy rebel man

    im 17 . and i had been taking this stuff for like a month . and it made me reaalyy up and down. id be tired then energized . then i did something called salvia while i was on it. which is a self exploration drug. lost track of time and space. and saw the birth of time all over again. i still feel like im trippen. i went to the doctor and they said it might have opened up a new part of my brain . like unlocked. i find that the word i need pops into my head when i “look” for it . and i can escape deep into my thoughts all the time. one cant read my face to a certain extent. beware of unability to focus your eyes on this drug. i dont think its a good drug . and i didnt feel normal on the drug. or the ability to feel normal. those on it should not be unwatched or observed. signs of unatural behavior could appear if u look close. and this could mess with your sense of reality . probly fine for adults . but not worth your life spending it on this

  135. my soon to be 9 year old son has been on vyvanse for about two months .its amazing.he has gone from us and fs in school to as and bs.he was failing school and he passed to fourth grade .it lasts from 7am to 7pm but when he comes down he does have mood swings.there has been a decrease in his appetite but he gets hungry later in the evening and does eat normally so im not that worried about that.i think this is the key to my sons well being.i am not one to believe in giving drugs to kids unless its absolutely necessay .we tried zoloft and straterra which didnt work.he flushed the zoloft lol cause it made him dizzy and the straterra gave him chest pains.the vyvance is much better but when he first started it he was also put on depakote at night and i stopped that one because the combo was making him not sleep until midnight or 2am.hes better now cept for the rage when he comes down but he goes to sleep quicker without the depakote which was supposed to be for sleep.go figure!

  136. Cheryl

    Dawn, the answer to the taking Vyvance with food, my daughter just started taking it a few days ago. The dr told me the only side effects that she heard of was stomach cramping and it was from not enough food when taking the medicine..just a thought hope it helps..

    Now my daughter is 11 yrs old and like I said just started taking the med on a couple of days ago. She does seem calmer at times until bed time comes…which she did have trouble sleeping before starting the med. She does take Visteral and and an over the counter sleep aide and it seemed to work the first night but after that it bedtime is right back to where we started from.

    I would like some help on how to handle a child with ADHD. I am new to this and sometimes I feel like I am gonna lose control, I try to contain it but I find it hard sometimes. The drs did give me some booklets but it seem more like for a child than for an adult to read.

    I have seen that my daughter can sit for a longer period of time now, still VERY talkative, but she seems to like monopoly and has been sitting for hours playing it even if its by herself. She doesnt seen depressed or any sort of side effects for which I am thankful for.

    Her appitite has changed a lil but she seems hungrier more than before.

  137. Mrs Hudson

    My son started taking vyvance 5 mths ago. He is 10 yrs old and takes 30 mg during the week, I don’t give it to him on weekends. Since being on the meds he has improved tremendously in school. He is able to pay attention now. The doctor said he didnt necessarily have ADD or ADHD but a problem focusing. His grades have improved. At the beginning of the school year he was below grade level in both reading and math. The teachers talked of holding him back bc they weren’t sure he was mentally ready to go to junior high. Now he has all A’s and has been placed in advanced math and english for junior high. The only side effects i’ve noticed is that his appetite has decreased. If he does not eat while on the meds, he is in a zombie-like state until the meds wear off. If he eats then he is my same ole son but able to focus better.

  138. Mrs Hudson

    I’ve also found some books online (amazon .com) called LEARNING TO SLOW DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION
    and PUTTING ON THE BRAKES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE WITH ADHD. My son loves these books bc he feels that they understand him. They have activites for him to do and it describes what is going on in the brain in words that he understands. His teacher recommended them to help with his reading.

  139. Sandy

    My grandson has been on this medicine for 4 months now and has been so much better. He is able to sit and concentrate and learn. The teachers also stated what a big change in him and how he is learning. He is getting along with kids better and able to have friends. His appetite has went down some. He eats best in the morning and in the evening when the medicine starts wearing off. We told the doctor and he stated when he starts getting hungry to feed him high carb foods. He will eat good tho when his appetite is up. I also feel their will be good and bad comments about this because like every medicine they will effect everyone differently.

  140. Mike

    What about headaches? I just started taking Vyvanse 50mg and the first day I was a little jittery and had a dull faint headache. It got a little worse during the day, but nothing i couldn’t handle. Just wanting to know.

  141. Jennifer

    I have been taking Vyvanse for a week now…I was wondering has anyone had any of the SEVERE reactions to this drug? Is it bad to be out in the sun for long on this med?? Got back from the lake over the weekend and my face and neck have broken out with a bad rash, my face is swollen and when i yawn it hurts, thanks in advance!

  142. Sissy

    My 7yr old son started Vyvanse (30mg) this morning. His teacher has already emailed me stating that he has been crying alot…said that he is dumb and should be dead. He also takes Clonidine (.1mg) @ bedtime. Can anyone advise if this could be a side effect between the two or is this normal behavior when starting Vyvanse? Also…will this go away? I have called the doctor and am waiting on a call back. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  143. braindeadadministrator

    RE: SISSY Aug 19 2009
    “…Said he was dumb and should be dead”
    How do teachers like this remain employed?
    sounds like the teacher has issues…..I would try another school.

  144. Heather

    My son 17 started Vyvanse in May and seemed to be concentrating and doing well in school again,he had heart palpatation, stomach pain and within 3mos had lost 35 lbs he only weighed 155 to begin with, he looks unhealthy we took him off 4 days ago he is very tired and has been sleeping alot, which is the withdrawal from this medication,the doctor kept saying it will get better after spending 5 min, with us and a room full of other patients waiting for their med fix, no counseling or anything just another prescription. I’ll never put him on a medication again its not worth losing his health just so he can focus and do better in school! BEWARE OF ADD MEDICATIONS!

  145. don

    My 14 yr old daughter has ADD and is on Vyvance. After 4 days of it ( and wery little sleep) she went berserk on me and my son. I’ve never seen such venom come out of someone”s mouth–much less a 14 yr old girl–and I’m a General Contractor!. It was so bad I truly believed she was going to go after the kitchen knives. I had to call the Police on my own daughter. The good news is she swears by as to it’s beneficial effects on schoolwork–the bad news–we may not live to see her report card.

  146. Hillary

    I would NOT recommend putting your young child on vyvanse. i am reading some of these saying there 6 year old kid is taking 70mg. I am 20 and have severe ADD and i only take 50mg and it works extremely well. it works over 12 hours. i suggest you DO not put elementary school kids on this…do you realize it is legal SPEED! i have done much research on vyvanse and if you give your kid this drug everyday with a high dosage (50mg and higher)your kid can easily become addicted and will have withdrawals if they get off the med., so please be cautious. i am a med. student and NO SIX YEAR OLD should be on 70mg of this drug. Many people have mentioned there kid with behavior changes, it is a known fact that you have ups and downs on this medicine and your moods can do a total 360. you can be going good for a couple hours and focused and calm but then you can get major let downs like aggressive behavior, bipolar like symptoms, depression,and very annoyed (which can lead to dangerous decisions). please consider putting your children on the smallest dosage to start off with i am aware everyone reacts differently to this drug, just be cautious with your children it can be an unhealthy drug and remember it is legal SPEED!

  147. Hillary

    TO: nichols on march 6th 2009. i no its been a while with this comment but to inform others if you think your kid has ticks or another health problem PLEASE read the papers the pharmacy puts with your prescription. it clearly says DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE TICKS or IF YOU HAVE ANY SIGNS OF TICKS.i hope this mother isnt giving her kid this drug still bc it WILL worsen. the parents to these children as im reading seems like they think these problems they are expressing are no big deal. They can be! PLEASE read the medication guide to this drug. to the parents be more cautious with your children. you should read up on any drug that you are giving your kid.

  148. Linda

    My daughter’s teacher and principal started recommended my daughter go on ADD meds when she was 5 years old. I refused to put her on meds. From 1st grade to 6th grade, I got calls from teachers about my daughter talking too much, figiting in her seat, not completing work, lossing homework etc…. Then in the 6th grade I met with her teacher and guidance counselor. Her teacher told me he’s been working with kids for 15 years and my daughter was one of the worse cases of ADHD he had ever seen. I didn’t see it at home, she didn’t bounce off the walls or anything. BUT what the teacher said made sense (he had alot more exposure to alot of kids than me). So I started my daughter on Vyvanse (20 mg) 2 years ago. Wow what a difference. She went from problems in school, to an A-B student. She stopped speaking out of turn, and I didn’t have to repeat myself at home. Now she’s 14 years old and takes 40 Mg. She is moody at times…. but she’s a teenager. She’s sometimes more negative than other kids. But I think that’s her personality not the meds. I will say she has complained of some aches and pains, I thought they’ve been growing pains. I know the doctor said they should be checking her liver from time to time. But I don’t think any doctors have done blood work in the 2 years she been on meds. We have an appt Sept 16th (I will be requesting that). For those that have said they feel anxious, seeing things etc…. I would say either reduce the dosage or perhaps you aren’t ADHD. My understanding is that people with TRUE ADHD are able to RELAX with a stimilant. If I took a stimilant, I would become moody, aggitated, hyper etc…. Perhaps an Antidepressant would be more suitable. But obviously I’m not a doctor. So check with yours. ALL and ALL it’s been a good experience for my daughter. I do worry about the long terms affects. My doctor didn’t mention it was a new drug in 2007. Not sure I would have tried this one first, had I known that. Thanks Sincerely, Linda

  149. Nick

    Hi, I am a pharmacy student going to school an a full ride. I have suffered from depression for a long time with no help from several medications and therapists. I know this is horrible but in a last ditch effort to stay awake to study I bought Vyvanse from a friend. Since taking this medication I feel happy again, suffering from depression since 3rd grade, I have never felt normal until now. Now I want to get a prescription for this medication but do not know how to approach my physician. Any suggestions?

  150. Katie

    Im 18 & just started on vyvance. I have notice that it does not last all day and my body always hurts. but it does help me finish my tasks so thats all i care about

  151. im a 17 year old female i agree 100% with kait at the top. i went from d’s and f’s in school to all a’s and b’s on my report card. i get a little mad when i have a b i think it should of been an a. before vyvanse i was excited to have a d or c. cause it was passing. my gpa was terrible it ranged around the percentage for a f. now it 3.6. it has helped me lose weight too. it decreases my apatite. but for some reason i hate being on it i would not reccomend it. i can feel the difference when im on-off it. its a day by day thing so if i forget to take it one day o i can tell. i will hae to read or do my assignments in the hall way to avoid the classroom. and i eat all flippin day. its been bad too though. it decreases my apatite where im not hungry so i forget to eat or drink water i have dehydrated 3 times now. first you get sick 2 your stomach like a anxious feeling then your ears start ringing then i get light headed and blurry vision. and start sweating really bad. my skin turns pale white and lips turned like purple or yellow. i do not reccomend this at all, all day i feel anxious about something and sleepy but cant sleep. i dont know everyone is different

  152. Jamilla

    do not ask for this medication for depression. If you want to recevie ADD/ADHD medication go through the proper testing to ensure that you have the disability. Stimulants aren’t a joke, believe me I’ve been medicated for over 15 years on different types of medications to treat ADHD. Only one pill has successfully worked for me and it’s an oldschool medication that they generally don’t perscribe anymore called Dextroamphetamine Sulfate aka Dexedrine. I have been on vyvanse for about a year maybe a little less and I feel worse than I ever have in my life and wouldn’t wish this feeling upon anyone. I work in a fast paced enviornment and with my previous medication was able to function very well and be calm and collected and of course had the ability to retain information and accurately explain this information to others. Since I’ve been on vyvanse this is not the case. I have EXTREME anxiety, intense mood swings to the point that my loved ones won’t even speak to me during them coupled with extreme frustration and some other nasty effects. I constantly feel hot and like somebody is rushing me to do things. I get so frustrated that I just want to scream and have absolutely no way of composing myself and believe me I’ve tried everything. I thought that it was suspicious that everytime I requested another prescription from my doctor that they called me back and asked if I had any side effects and this is exactly why. This drug is definitely not for everyone and in my personal opion nobody should take this medication and suffer in the ways that myself and the others whom have posted their stories on this page have. It’s hard enough to deal with having an LD since 5th grade and actually going through the proper testing and being diagnosed unlike the other people who may put their 5 year old on medication for being a kid (not trying to offend anyone but seriously medicating children that young with 40 or 50 or more mg of this drug or any other stimulant is just plain sick) we shouldn’t have to deal with the ridiculous side effects that are coupled with these medications. I feel sick in my own skin, constantly hot, constantly angry and constantly frustrated. I have no reason to be hot, anxious, angry or frustrated but everyday about 30 minutes after I take this medication I want to rip my skin off and poke my flippin eyes out. ****Parents try any alternative available before subjecting your child to this medication.

  153. Jamilla

    by the way I am a 25 year old female taking 60mg daily of vyvanse and cannot wait to go back to my original medication dexedrine. Ritalin, adderall and all the other medications available do not work for me.

  154. warren

    My son is 6 and in the first grade, he has been on this medication for about 6 months now, he started out the first grade doing well for about 6 weeks, over the past 3 weeks he has been disruptive at times, failing to follow instructions, coloring on his desk, pushing paper on the floor and not picking it up, when punished or sent to the office, he just clams up and shuts the motor down, anyone have any suggestions, he is on 40mg I think, should we increase the dosage???

  155. Nicky

    I’m a 38 y/o female who has suffered from depression my whole life. After the birth of my second child i was introduced to anti-depressants. They helped me feel better but there was still something missing.Finally,I went to a physician who wanted to try me on a medication for add and boy did it improve my life. I tried numerous ones like metadate and adderall xr,which helped but when you first take them you feel so euphoric and then when they wear off you crash HARD. I had a lot of GI discomfort and always headaches with them.I’m a nurse so one day i spoke with the Shire Pharmaceutical Rep that markets vyvanse and he suggested that I ask my MD to try it. I took his advice and it was the best thing that I could’ve done for myself. Vyvanse is evenly dispersed throughout the day so you dont crash like you do with the other meds. Vyvanse has fewer side effects than the other ones on the market.I can focus,complete projects,and it has changed my personality. I have so much confidence and it makes me feel happy not to mention it lasts longer than any other amphetimine I’ve tried. For me, vyvanse is the best drug ever made and i only wish that i had it when i was in school because I would’ve been more academically successful. I can’t praise this drug enough!!! It is truly a miracle drug.It makes me feel like life is finally worth living. I guess if I had to say something bad about this drug it would be that it makes me talk too much but I like talking to people so it doesn’t bother me.My friends on the other hand might feel like choking me! LOL Thank you vyvanse!

  156. We are having the same problems

    Adhd medicine is simply just the LOWEST POTENT version possible of METHamphetamine,or SPEED would be more accurate i guess? Cause i mean when you think of it being at all related to Meth (which we all hear about how dangerous meth is and to never never try it and how bad math labs are) which meth is simply the MOST POTENT version of amphetamines. Who would put there kids on speed? The system that didn’t educate you enough about what drugs are, where or how there made, what drugs are related to each other, what each drug does to the human body while on or off it (this would include over the counter stuff), what drugs you can or cannot overdose on how much does it take, i could go on and on and on but really all we get is the positive uses of the drug and some “may” cause side effects of the drug.(aka this is going to happen plus a bunch other stuff were to afraid to put on here)

    every SINGLE drug (yes alcohol and your poisonous cigarettes are drugs to, don’t forget aspirin) that’s legal has so many side effects that people wouldn’t even consider putting them into there body, but majority of people have this has this fucked up view on illegal and legal drugs that in which any thing legal, cant be to bad.

    but hell it’s legal im sure everyone will be fine haha, typing this with the sensation of having to go piss so bad? but i was on here, hoping that’s a common problem with this medicine?

    wow vyvanse is cleary still working and clearly messing up other body’s

  157. derms

    Folks, I have been on Ritalin since the 1st grade, im now 35. No major side-effects, only when coming down i get a bit moody. I’m currently an educator and I work with many kids and parents that are have these same issues. Remember this is METH and if you do not have ADD these drugs will make you hyper. I am concerned with how many of you are talking high doses 60, 70ml…wow! I take 10ml twice a day.
    My take:
    Those children that it was working for at first; they may not be taking it and spitting it out when you are not looking.

    Diet: kids taking these meds need to be on an eating routine because they work with your metabolism. so if a child eats very little one day it may be in the body then out very quickly.

    Lasly, look at it from the kids point a view: they feel bad that they have to take a drug to be normal…can be hard for for me at times as well.

    Light at the end of the tunnel: I have two college degrees, undergrad and masters and working on a third.

  158. Sylvia

    My 80 lb 9 year old has been on 30mg of Vyvance for 1 month. It was prescribed for the purpose of focusing.

    Though he experienced nausea and fatigue for the 1st 3 days it cleared up. His ability to focus was immediate, within the first 1 1/2 hrs. It lasts 12 hours.

    This has given us a new life. I hesitated for over 2 years to put him on any meds. His diet is practically junk free (he might get a sweet once every 2 weeks, thankfully he doesn’t crave junk), he eats organically grown produce daily. We even grow our own garden. He gets 10 hours of sleep nightly. We’ve tried several therapies, but nothing worked. It’s a physiological condition that needed to be addressed. Thankfully the doctor was careful to prescribe a medication that was specific to his need. It’s like a miracle for us.

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