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Want No Prescription Adderall? – Read This Now!

No Prescription Adderall! Buy Ritalin Online! Concerta Without Prescription! Websites and spam email are all trying to sell you cheaper, easy access to drugs. Are they safe? Are the legal? Are they cheaper?

No Prescription Adderall!

In the US, Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta are Schedule II controlled drugs. The sale of these ADHD medications is strictly regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency. In short it is illegal to buy Ritalin, Concerta or Adderall without a prescription. It is also illegal to buy online without a prescription from foreign pharmacies as you are then importing illegal drugs.

The situation is the same in the UK where these medications are counted as Class B drugs. ADHD medication such as Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin are heavy duty stimulants and have a long history of illegal use and abuse. Governments tend to frown on easy access to such powerful drugs so whatever country you are in, offers such as ‘No Prescription Adderall’ are going to be illegal.

Buy Adderall Online!

If you have an Adderall prescription, can you legally buy online?
Maybe is the most honest answer. The regulation of drugs is carried out by large and slow moving government agencies. These bodies are not best suited for dealing with the fast moving world of the global internet and most of the relevant laws were drawn up before the internet was created. So it may be legal to buy Adderall online (with a prescription) depending where you are. However buying from a foreign country, whether you have a prescription or no prescription, Adderall, Ritalin and Concerta will be illegal. Police, customs and the post office get very upset when you import controlled drugs through the post.

In the US it is legal to buy medication online if you have a prescription and the pharmacy you are buying from is in the US and is properly licensed. When it comes to schedule II ADHD medication such as Adderall, the DEA say:

Is it Possible for my Internet Pharmacy to Fill Prescriptions for Schedule II Substances?
You may fill valid prescriptions for Schedule II substances if the patient or prescriber provides you with the signed original prescriptions prior to dispensing. Practically, it is unlikely that most patients will want to wait the time required for such a transaction.

The key words in this are ‘signed original prescriptions’. Faxing a copy of your prescription is not enouigh to buy Adderall online.

Cheap Adderall Online!

You have a prescription for Adderall and you want to buy from an online pharmacy in the US. Is it any cheaper than your local store? According to the Consumers Union, the price for a month’s supply of Adderall XR (10mg) is $144 and $130 for Concerta (18mg). Prices from September 2006.

Seaching Google for ‘Buy Adderall Online’ I quickly found Meds For Cost who are selling Adderall XR (10mg) for $109.88. It can be had for $105.80 from Trusted Online Pharmacy or for $52.80 if join their site as a member ($25 a month). After ten minutes more of searching I could not find any other sites actually claiming to sell Adderall or Concerta online.

No Prescription Adderall – A Myth

If you are looking to buy no prescription Adderall online then don’t bother. Any legitimate pharmacy in the US will require you to send an original prescription before they can supply the medication. Even if you have an Adderall prescription, this is simply too much work for the customer and the company to make it worth while.

If you are tempted to buy online from foreign companies then think twice. For starters, you will be breaking serious laws by attempting to import them into your country. Secondly, Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin are powerful and dangerous drugs. Do you really trust a company that will sell you strong medications such as Adderall with no prescription? If a company is willing to behave that irresponsibly, they are willing to do anything. Including sending you fake pills made with god-knows-what. Caveat emptor

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  1. i have a perscription for adderall but i don’t get enough from my doctor. i get 30 a month and he wants to pt me on xr if the other generic brand isn’t working for me. the xr is too expensive for me to purchase each month with my plan. please help thank you

  2. deuce

    I can’t afford health insurance and I have to share my fiance’s prescription. Does anyone know how I can get my own prescription at a reasonable price? If so what website?

  3. E Doyle

    my son is doing well on concerta 36mg and I am going to loose my health ins soon. Is there a way to continue buying the prescription online without seeing the doctor? We recently upped the dose and have hd a check up. Please advise/ :)Ellen Doyle

  4. suzanne

    was getting concerta for myself. I am nurse, now working contract, which means i don’t have health benefits any longer. how can i get my med without the dr, and a script?

  5. how can I oder aderall for adah over the internet?

    I would like information on obtaining adderall for ADAH over the internet. I am ready to to purchase, but I dont know how.
    Can you help me?

  6. myomancy


    Please read the article before requesting information. Pay close attention to the last bit that says:

    If you are looking to buy no prescription Adderall online then don’t bother.

    Thank you


  7. DRoye

    My husband is prescribed 4 20mg adderall per day (total of 80mg a day). It seems that someone from his work decided they needed his medication more than he does and took it out of his locker. Now, he can’t get his meds for almost 2 weeks. He is already getting sick from not having his meds and I want to do something for him. I can’t handle this for 2 weeks. Please help.

  8. Bobby Blues

    I was diagnosed with Adult ADD in my mid 40’s..I haven’t had real job or health insurance in over 12 years.. I found Rx help with programs available from the drug companies thru the local mental health services…but not the rittalin.. I found that at Walmart, on the $4.00 Rx list…Even a starving artist/musician such as myself can afford that!! My friend who tries to shop online for her ADD Rx meds ALWAYS gets ripped off…so beware…WWW. Rx sites will be much more trouble than they are worth..

  9. Kristo Nikolov

    Hi, I’ve been trying to find adderall in South Africa, but pharmacies here have only heard of ritalin. I used to take adderall when I lived in the US and it works much better for me. Any suggestion how I can get it down here?

  10. Paul

    I have been on adderall for two years now 30mg once a day and also alprazolam 1mg 3times a day my doc will no longer see me cause my health insurance has expired and i cant afford all that out of pocket. I need to know if theres anyway to maybe talk to you a doc over the internet in order to get a prescript or somehow order online, legally? anyone have someanswer please replay. i know you can order them over seas but seems to be illegal

  11. Christi Beatty

    I can not get my doctor to prescribe me adderall and I need them. So I am trying to find out how to get them online. Please Help Me.

  12. Fabio


    Ok, seriously now, I don’t get it.
    If you read the newspapers online, especially the once from the UK, every single student is using it (4 of the 6), managers use it etc, etc they need it to be able to concentrate long periods of time, be alert and handle great workloads. It seems tome that it should be the easiest thing in the world to get hold of, if you believe the papers!! But that’s not true at all, unfortunately!!

    Apparently some are discussing the possibility of “legalising” it in the UK because it would be unfair to the students whom can’t get hold of it and thus are in a disadvantage compared to the rest of the students (the majority). No wonder I’m the only one flunking the whole time!! I the one of the six that doesn’t take it!!!!!!!!

    So why o why is it so hard for me to find some!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    App. You need to know somebody whom has ADHD and is willing to give to you,


    pls mail to

  13. Riffat Achmad

    i need info on purchasing adderall online with no prescription?
    Please give me answer and how to get the stuff
    +Riffat Acmad+

  14. Scott Andrew

    Im 27 ive been prescribed adderall 9 years now. 3 20mg pills a day. Ill skip to the point when I didnt have my meds and I moved to a new city {boston} and could not for anything even crying on my knees at the hospital, get someone to prescribe me my needed meds, not only adderall, but also wellbutrin, and lithium, Im very bipolar but im very aware of this and I try to keep myself from rapid cycling. As for this mess of getting NO Help from anyone and not getting my meds… things led me to start filling in with street drugs… meth. and innocent at first… well a year later… today is day 8 drug free and Ive made shitty choices… but im also bipolar and maybe it saved me because, im now back on meds and Im to stubborn to be controlled by meth. Adderall is my friend but i eat it fast… But rather than buying it online, which i dont trust. I will wait till my next prescription… in the mean time im withdrawing so bad from meth… its so sucky but its my fault I got addicted and I could very easily get it but im going to lay here sleeping and eating for a month… which can be fun too since Im half lazy to begin with. And Im much to cute to be made ugly by a drug that only makes me get up and clean things and fix things all day. Not what was my point I was skipping to… Oh Yes I forgot because Im a cute gay bipolar gemini with adhd whos 27 and looks 21… Someone will apperciate this and perhaps get a laugh. But seriously DONT DO METH!

  15. TJ-help

    Hey all, have an input: I can see the illegality side of this issue and understand the seriousnous of it. BUT when you do not have health insurance (any longer)or a money making job OR are not in the loony bin and a state ward you are NOT going to be able to treat yourself again until you have one of those 3 mentioned.

    So to “borrow” the similar requested plea from the previous poster:

    [B]Anyone who’s ADHD with prescribed adderall, if you are able to go without or don’t take all please email me at: I was on 30mg of Adderall but if it’s a different mg or XP version I will adjust to required dosage.[/B]

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Dorothy

    I have been trying to purchase adderall online with no script but have had no luck. Have been ripped off by they took 40 dollars and never could access their site to order anything. Big runaround. Don’t go there. Does anyone know a website to get adderall?? Is this impossible?

  17. ASHLEY

    whats really ridiculous is we are all too ADD to read the article and realize that with out health insurance we cant get what we need and its really pathetic but i really need adderall and theres nothing i can do.

  18. terry sue

    i have struggled with add for years. i’m 33 now and did not like the treatment when i was a teen so i didn’t take it till adulthood. i have been diogn. with bipolar as well and take abilify (5mil.) for this. since i’ve been on abilify i’ve gained 100 lbs.i also lost my thyroid last year and am on levothyroxine. 137 mcg. i can tell you that adderall is the best drug that is treating my add, but my dr. says i want way too much and refuses to listen to my reasons why it works for me. she has perscribed me at 2 25 mill. xr pills a day. one in the morning and one in the afternoon. but i might as well take nothing. i feel better taking 2 at a time. so to someone out there who knows this drug, is that bad for me? i’m so at my best when i can take the amount i feel is better for me. i’m focused ,organized, motivated, happy and love getting through all the things i need to do in a day. on 1 pill 2x a day i could just sleep and not care to do much, let things clutter and so on. the nice thing about adderall is i feel no ware off sensation or depression from this drug. someone please help. my dr. says i’ll have a stroke, but i don’t agree.-

  19. marri

    I have been diagnosed as a case of 50/50 – i have taken some adderall that friends gave me and I felt much more focused and got so much accomplished instead of spinning my wheels daily…Please help me!!!! I need to get focused in my high profile stressful job where my performance is key to my success to the company.

  20. Terran Bondoc

    I had my prescription for tis month and I dropped my purse when I was getting off of the bus…I haven’t been abe to find them since and my doc said I have try and deal with it.

  21. Nikki

    Are all the people who left these comments retarded??? This site is not to buy adderall and the people who made the site aren’t going to help you get it, its just trying to inform you that it is illegal to buy adderall online so don’t fall for the scams.

    You guys are pathetic.

  22. Kyle

    Wow…this is ridiculous…I have literally read each one of these posts and about 5 of you got the point. You can’t buy it online with out a perscription, and if you do buy it online then you’ll most likely get ripped off!!! Which I hope the rest of you who don’t get this article try to buy it online and get ripped off…haha. This is the reason that I’m not going to try to purchase it online, and why I’m going to a doctor to get it perscribed. To those of you who lost your perscription, call the police, file a police report if nothing comes up then by law you can get perscription refilled!!!

  23. Shocked

    Honestly, you people are so desperate, you skip the article and go straight to the forum and scream out for this stuff. You all sound like junkies desperate for your next hit. This stuff is ILLEGAL to buy online WIHTOUT a prescription. You miss the point of this article, it’s not a “How To.”
    If you are this desperate, perhaps you need to be seeking a psychiatrist for your dependancy & eating disorders, they would be of a more beneficial and long term result. Best of luck to you all for sorting your lives out.

  24. To all the people who are yelling at the other people to stop asking for ways to get ADHD drugs online and read the article, duh. These people have ADHD and they cant read the article because they need their drugs to concentrate.

    I just want to adderall to help me study, but I dont have adhd so I guess that’s illegal. So I have no hope of getting a prescription.

  25. alan davis

    I have been receiving adderall prescprictions from my doctor for about three years. I have no insurnace and I need the medication to function.
    My Dr’S name is Margit Winstrom she is located in the twelve oaks towers in houton texas. I could really use some help here if you can.
    Her address is 4126 Southwest Freeway, suite 210,
    Houston, Texas 713-572-7540

  26. Dave

    What a waste of time this was. But isn’t that what adderall is supposed to help you control better? No time for this… c ya!

  27. J. David Quick

    To you knuckle heads who are lucky enough to have normal body chemistry and do not require medication to do something as simple as have a complete thought – who the ***I* are you to call any one a junkie? You frekin idiots, street drugs are very easy to get. I, like many others above are simply attempting to obtain medication, not get high. I challenge anyone of you narrow minded twits to take away a family members heart medication, or blood pressure medication. Perhaps that concept is too challenging for you to comprehend, so i will make it simpler for you to understand. if you wear glasses or contacts, take the pill for difficult periods, have medications for allergies, or even take aspirin for a headache: stop and see how you like life. Medication is medication, just because adhd does not kill, it does not mean it is not a serious condition that affects a persons quality of life.

  28. christine

    i Need the adderall for studying. It helps me to to make better grades in class. I have been taking it for a while and I am doing well in school.

  29. Seriously?

    Whoever wrote this website cannot write and does not seem to have any sense of anything intelligent. Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin are prescription medications that help people who legitimately have a problem focusing. They are NOT dangerous unless you DO NOT have ADD. And even if you do not, they are not harmful unless you overdose.

  30. na

    * Cannot buy Adderall online (illegal)
    * No online site advertises it anymore
    * You need a prescription (see Doctor)

    -> This is an information site ONLY

  31. helpme


    I am looking to purchase adderal without a perscription, I have a dr who thinks I dont need it anymore and now that I have been off of it for 1 month i cant concentrate, nor barley move. I have been diagnosed with adhd and chronic fatique not to mention a long list of other things. Can someone help?

  32. michael rigley

    i could really use help. similar situation to a lot of thse other posts. im 22 and a single father with a 2 year old and have had chronic depression resulting in chronic fatique for years and have taken aderall off the street for years because it’s the only way for me to get it because of insurance reasons. i don’t abuse it at all infact i prefer the XR’s and i only take 20mg in the mourning and that’s it for the day. I am not a drug abuser or am I looking to get high. It’s just the only perscription drug I have found that works

  33. Kat

    After 13 months of recreational ‘Speed’ use, I thought ‘Adderall’ sounded like it might be a better, & far cheaper alternative (predominantly for maintaining a slim figure). However, after reading the info contained in this website & the subsequent comments posted, I think it best to abstain!

  34. MIchael

    You are all meth-heads. God I remember when i was like you all and I thought i was ‘controlling’ it. Reading all your calls of desperation and all your doctors cutting you off ‘HINT’ makes me laugh and equally very sad for you. Some of you will not make it, i pray that I am wrong. I am a pretty sharp guy (making $17k/month)and even i was no match for the uppers. The sad thing is that if your anything like me (and most of you appear that way) you will just have to ride it out until you hit the bottom and hopefully the bottom doesn’t include joining the afterlife. Take my advice, look for a natural way to get your body the energy and focus it needs. Spend some time on the internet looking for natural remedies and solutions. Don’t give up on nature, it took my body over 18 months to adjust away from these uppers. Its a process, it takes time. YOu can do it. If you can’t get by on 1 or 2 aderol a week than you have a problem. The reason it doesn’t seem like it works is because your body’s immune system gets weaker the longer your on it and your body needs more to get the same feeling. This is what they mean by ‘addictive’ – HELLO! Tell you what, ask yourself this question, this is what got me off. Ask yourself, ‘if I was an addict and not in control, how would I know?’ ‘What if my brain chemistry was messed up and i couldn’t anaylze my own thoughts enough to notice i was addicted, and if that is happening and i had less than a full brain – how would i truly know?’ The point of this exercise is simple, it forces you to consider the possibility that if you were fucked up in the head, how would you be able to figure that out if your fucked up in the head? and if you are and you can’t see it, consider the possibility that you are fucked up in the head!!! so play with another scenerio, try to go healthy and test it out for a year. You might just be surprised how much of your so called ‘brain power’ comes back and you will be in disbelief how you were functioning without it. Give it a shot, don’t be a pussy. Man-up!

  35. Toxic Waste Dump

    Well now, being the recovering toxic waste dump that I call myself, has anyone ever heard of bennies? of cross tops? Poor addicted people that you arre. You are all addicted to amphetamine. I am an addictions counselor and recovering tweeker. I never bl;inked for 2o years. Have you ever thought of trying to “Kick the habit”

  36. NA

    HEHE I have ADD have known since I was little but I learn tricks and therepies to get by. I am going back to school and was looking into something mild that would help. ADD makes you more pron to addiction. Im thinking you guys are all just addicted. Excercise works nice. I think I’ll stick with that and my fishoil. Oh another funny thing pill heads get 100’s of pills for pain and anxiety when they really have neither and OD (as in dead) on them all the time Doctors give that stuff out like candy, but adderall (never taken it) is so bad that some doctors are cutting people off seriously. What is this world coming to. If you are addicted but your functioning whats the problem.

  37. Rob

    I just recently took a test
    for ADD and i actualy have it now.
    But i have no health insurance and
    its to expensive.
    Is there anyway i can buy
    some without a prescription?
    Help please.

  38. Agarcia

    I have been taking addys 4 4 yrs I went from 15 mg 2* a day now I’m taking maybe 80 mgs a day I have multiple doctors and still run out and those days are bad I can’t function I was looking to by online to stop the multiple DES because itvis illegal I want to quit but not cold Turkey I am a single mom and have a 2Yr old daughter

  39. deeznutz

    what is upsetting is that I thought the powers that be were being a**holes with all of the restrictions on these ADD meds. but after reading these pathetic crackhead requests, I , with a legit conditon and normal prescription dose, feel ashamed of being a part of a community of folk who are truly being overprescribed partly your fault but also the doctor’s fault. I no longer have a prescription myself because my dr. was disbanned from the med association because he was found to be overprescribing some of his patients who had no disorder. I remember him asking me when it came time to write the prescription “What do you need?” (some of you may not get that) But he was seeing me for an extremely low rate because my insurance dropped and i became self pay, so now I’m hoping to get help some other way. Luckily I was already diagnosed, and had a presription before I went to him. now that I see how far a drug can make you go I will just stick to what I know. I would slap the hell out of a dr. who would prescribe my love one with 80mg a day, thats just stupid use your damned brain, protect your damn self. One shouldnt be getting ‘sick’ after not taking their ADD meds, no damn way. I know there are different levels of severity with ADHD but I also know that a skilled physician knows what dosage is just enough to give the right effect without those harmful side effects, if he doesnt, then you need to find another one. Take your meds for the days you need it,a lot of dr. insist that it be daily but that isnt neccesary we are treating symptoms not curing a disease. At least twice a month take a couple days to sit your ass down somewhere in a place where you cant cause trouble and chill clean out your system, enjoy being your real self sometime. Im ADHD,(hence the lengthy passage)and I have been for yrs using same presciption 10mg adderall and it is not changing because I said so. I also have chosen to be careful of what I eat to increase the effectiveness of the meds, and decrease the problems associated with ADHD. I have 5 kids, 6 if I include my husband, work a night job full time, and I’m in school, (making up for lost time, so…), i dont want to hear no excuses about how busy life is. We dont know the long termed effects of these meds, they havent been out long enough. I would rather be a bit slower than the next ‘A’ personality chic but live a longer life enjoying my kids,and eventually my grands then greatgrands, than to pipe myself up mindlessly for the next 20 yrs and end up incapacitated because of an early age stroke. The old drug addicts that I have dealt with through work, are still alive and functioning because even they made the decision not to allow the drug to run them, they still do their thing on the weekends but during the week they keep it together. forgive me if I seem condescending I realize w/out God’s grace I can could be worse off but i also know its up to me to make the right choices I just want to help some people who dont know (not the drug addicts who are choosing to over use purposely) they have the power to manage this thing.

  40. Alex

    I am prescribed to adderall but in extremely low doeses. It really helps me and I would greatlyappreaciate being able to buy stonger doses and more quantity. HOw can you help me?

  41. instantlyhooked


    true story: three years of my life; gone because of adderall. what started out as “severe adhd” according to my psychiatrist, and was remedies by 10 mg xr, in the blink of an eye, turned into me binging on 120 to 250 mg a day.
    I was exactly like every single person who left comment on this site trying to get their hands on it. I stopped eating, sleeping, and was a complete pain in the ass to everyone around me.. I would lie, cheat, steal to buy more when my script ran out. PLEASE DON’T BECOME THIS KIND OF MONSTER. this is to show that this extreme excessiveness started at the simplest, most innocent level.

    Even now, after I have been pulled off the medication for about two years, there is nothing in the world that I would love more than to pop an addy; it still and will forever haunt me. to this day I occasionally relapse go on a binge and the only thing to stop me is lack of access to the drug.

    If your doctors cut you off, good for them; they’re probably saving your life and you should thank them for not being a money-making crook for drug companies.


    I have plenty of experience with all sorts of prescription and recreational uppers, downers, screamers, laughers, ect ( If you can name it, I’ve done it) BUT ADDERRALL IS THE ONLY ONE I HAVE EVER DEVELOPED AN ADDICTION TO. that’s right: not coke, not meth, not opiates, not X, not alchohol, not hallucinogens, not anything but amphetamine; KNOW THIS.

    I also understand that the physical, and mental being of every individual is entirely unique, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. but I’ve seen to many peers, friends, and even family walk the exact same path and not have the slightest clue. and thats what addiction is; something thats creeps up on you and by the time you realize it it’s probably too late.

    that’s what is really going on here.
    adderall, ritalyn, and any other adhd medication is bullshit. amphetamine will make anyone concentrate harder and run around. all its good for is building intense addictions, creating annorexia, and stirring up emotional issues. ADHD is a myth, and if you think you need prescription stimulants to fix it your misguided by either your doctor, or your addiction.

    for real, think about it, don’t be like I was.
    much love to all

  42. Does the 105.00 include adderrall 30mg and prescription monthly.? Please respond quickly. my prescription has run out and my Dr. has retired…since moving to Atlanta,

  43. nick

    you say adhd is a myth you obviously dont have it and i am not saying that everyone who has adhd should take stimulants i know for myself
    FOR A FACT that 60mgs of adderall daily
    improves my ability to accomplish tasks
    by 100 percent.I get things done that i would never even come close to without my meds
    adhd is real and if you wanted proof i could come quite close to proving it by displaying the misfiring synaps in my brain

  44. Philio

    There are people out there that DONT think the Government should control and babysit us on what we do with out personal lives..

    Its real great to have someone, like the moron who wrote this article, speaking out for the governments interest.

    Unfortunately, people would do much better looking out for there own interest and stop impeding others.

  45. Vuitres

    this was fantastic. not only did I learn a thing or two about the illegality of purchasing Schedule II ADHD meds, but I got to read a bunch of highly opinionated people. This was highly entertaining. I have ADHD and I am Bi-Polar. I have more issues than a magazine subscription. I am also a Veteran, therefore, I get all my psychological counselling from the VAMC. They refuse to give me any kind of ADHD meds because I tried Meth 11 years ago. I have tried adderall and I love the stuff. I felt like I could actually function for the first time in my life. However, it’s nearly impossible to get anymore. I supplement my adderall cravings with ephedrine. It seems to work about the same, but with a *little* more agitation when coming off the drug. tee-hee. I don’t recommend it, but it seems to work for me.

  46. Big headlines on news tonight about kids buying adderall with script to study late at nite and getting hooked on it> I take it for fatigue in MS with prescription would not dream of buying it online. It’s a scam.

  47. maria

    so, i didnt know that buying adderal online from foreign countries like the uk was illegal till i read this article, but before i read it i had “bought” some online, now i just think i got ripped off, but if in any case it got delivered what kind of trouble am i in?

  48. CJ

    Hey, fuck heads, I have had an rx for my entire life living in the states. Now unfortunately, I am overseas and cannot find the medication that I NEED as perscribed by a Dr. and guess what, I have to read all of your bull shit calling people meth heads and so on. Well, fuck you all. Sometimes, the reason is legit that people need medication, it is not because they are junkies. Instead of a resource or a place to turn for help, all we get is sites trying to rip us off with bull shit membership or fuck heads like most of you who sit so high and mighty.
    Again, fuck you all. I hope all of your children burn to death before your very eyes as you are being raped with a broken glass bottles.

  49. TOMMY

    I just read the article above and the other readers comments. BOY ARE SOME PEOPLE REALLY STUPID!!! The title of the article is “Want No Prescription Adderall? – Read This Now”. I NOW KNOW THAT MOST PEOPLE WHO POSTED A COMMENT ARE OBVIOUSLY TOO DUMB TO KNOW HOW TO READ. HEY DUMBASS, THE TITLE WAS NOT A QUESTION!

  50. This Is Soooooo Crazy….I mean come on I would like to learn about purchasing adderal online any help would be greatly appreciated…It Just Makes Me Soooo Mad When The Goverment Gets all In My Biz…..I Mean i Should Be Able To Buy What I Want!!!!

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