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What’s Happening on the Dore Talk Forum?

Back in December 2006, I wrote that Dore needed to create a public forum to discuss their treatment.

By creating a public space that anyone can post to, Dore is saying to the world that they don’t need to sell the product because it is so good it sells itself. Those scientists and others who attack Dore for bad science or for being overly commercial will have to explain why so many customers are writing about how it helped them. By placing everything in the public domain, by allowing potential customers to decide for themselves, Dore could do away with his sales people, saving Dore hundreds of thousands a year, allowing him to reduce his prices and making the Dore Program even more popular.

In June, Dore launched a forum to do just this. Looking in on it today I can see that in the ten weeks since its launched, 29 people have posts 101 messages. This isn’t very many for a company with 25+ treatment centers around the world and a product that on other ADHD / Dyslexia forums, the very mention of it can produce 100’s of comments.

So what is wrong with the forums?

The front page is disaster. Rather than being about Dore its about the software running the forums. This is insane. Its like opening a brand new shop and leaving the windows full of adverts for the shop-fitters. This is going to confuse and put off first time visitors to the website and the forum cannot afford to do that because its getting so few visitors.

How do I know its getting few visitors? Because there are no links to the forums from anywhere, let alone Dore’s own websites. There is no link from Dore’s UK site, Dore’s Australian site, Dore’s US site or it’s New Zealand site. All these websites have ‘News’ sections and the launch of a public Dore forum is the perfect material to go in them. On top of that, on the front page of every single Dore site there should be link in big letters saying ‘Find out what people on the programme are saying in the Dore Talk forums’. Finally Dore should get in touch with blogs that cover ADHD and dyslexia. There are quite a number out there and many would link to the forums.

All these links will drive people to the forums and that will go a long way to making the forums what they need to be but it takes more that lots of visitors to make it a success. Over time, forums develop a sense of community and make them a place people visit to find out information but stay because they enjoy the company. You cannot create or buy a community spirit like that but you can encourage it. Dore staff should be posting something new everyday. Hints for getting the exercises done, success stories, personal observations from having watched 100’s of people do the programme. The forum has to look alive to entice people to stay.

It is early days for the forum but their future looks dim if Dore cannot get its act together enough to link its own websites to the forums.


  1. Rose Meredith

    These comments are completely valid and I agree. However I am aware that Dore have not launched there forum to the public yet, people can only currently get to it if they know it is there. I am sure they will be changing the way there forum is managed in the very near future so watch their space!

  2. Lesley

    I agree, but feel the forum was stumbled on accidently by a Dore mum who spread the word. It is not quite ready to go global (as you have pointed out really well) it needs a lot of developing to get something enticing. People are sticking with the ADDforum, for now, as that has been established for years and is running smoothly. I’m sure it will progress to what we want it to be over the next year or so.

  3. eraina brien

    The Dore Talk forum is a support network for clients/parents/carers.. there may be teething problems but Im sure they will be ironed out…

  4. FrazzleDazzle

    There’s lots happening on the DoreTalk forum these days, as many participants in the Dore program are seeking support and encouragement, have a place to brag with the latest accomplishments, and even Dr. Roy has been known to pop in and address some (mine too) really off-beat questions regarding how the program works neurologically.

    Come on over to see what people are experiencing while on the program and how they are doing post-Dore.

  5. Steve Morgan

    I was really disappointed to learn by accident that Dore has gone into Administration. They have not contacted us. We use the Cardiff Clinic. They have been realy good with our 12 year old daughter. Fortunately we are at the end of the programme but I feel sorry for the staff in Cardiff, especially Matt and Eileen who have taken our daughter under their wings. There is obviuously a problem with clients who have paid for the whole programme and just started on it. Will be interesting to see the final outcome for Mr Dore as he obviously means very well in his persuits and all the best for the future of his dedicated staff.

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