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Wii Drums

Where are my Wii Drums

Back in May 2007, there was a demonstration of Wii Drums yet there is no sign of a release date. There have been some hints that a PC version will be released but what is the point of that? The Wii with its unique controllers is the only platform where a drumming game could work well. As it is, some enterprising hacker has linked his Wii Remote to his PC and some drum machine software.

Wii Drums May Help You Read

The Wii has tremendous potential as a brain and body training machine. There is growing evidence that developing a sense of rhythm is an important part of a child’s neurological development. Interactive Metronome have produced research that shows children with education problems show a remarkable improvement after just a few weeks of rhythm training. As Nintendo, unlike the PS3 or XBox, is actively targeting whole families with its adverts and low price, a Wii will find itself in more homes than the other consoles. Combine Wii Drums for rhythm training with Wii Fit for cerebellum and vestibular training and you get a very powerful tool for helping children develop health minds and bodies.

Wii Drums for Dyslexia

The connection between poor rhythm and dyslexia is not clear. It may be that poor rhythm is simply symptomatic of an underdeveloped cerebellum or it may be that having a sense of rhythm helps with language skills. Language and rhythm are closely developed. Most if not all primitive peoples developed basic drumming and singing. We need more research so it will be some time before Nintendo Wii Drums and Wii Fit are part of the school curriculum but I believe they will be one day.

Wii Drums Demonstration

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