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Working Memory, Language and Reading

On Brain Connection they have a very readable article on the role of working memory and reading. It explains why working or short-term memory is important and how having a bad memory handicaps children.
Eight-year-old Jennifer listened carefully as the teacher said, “After you are done with your math worksheet, get out your reading book and finish answering the questions on page fifteen, at the bottom of the page.” Other children quickly went to work but Jennifer timidly raised her hand and asked the teacher to repeat the directions. Even though she is a bright child, routine oral directions such as this are hard for Jennifer to follow. Was Jennifer having trouble paying attention or did she simply forget what was said? The fact is that Jennifer is a bright child who has problems with working memory. This makes routine tasks, such as following lengthy oral directions, complicated and frustrating.
Brain Connection also have a selection of memory games and brain teasers.
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