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Yet More Future Training Technology

Typical. You wait ages for one system to control computers by brain power to come along and then two come at long at once. Following hot on the heels of Emotiv’s brain scanning headset there is the Neural Impulse Actuator (or NIA for short). Details are still sketchy but it looks like the headset is of a simpler design than Emotiv’s and costs about the same ($300 is being suggested). There are a couple of videos of NIA in action on YouTube but they don’t show you much. Here is the best one

From brain to body for the next bit of future technology. I wrote a few days ago how the technology in the iPhone can change education because the possibilities for a great device to teach rhythm and memory skills. One aspect of the iPhone I forgot is that it has a movement sensor so that it can tell when its being tilted or turned. Some dedicated hackers have used the accelerometer as a game controller. Have a look at this video.

By tilting the iPhone he is controlling the way the blocks fall. Its easy to see how this technology can be expand to train people’ss spatial awareness. Rather than torturous exercises where you have imagine if shape X can be rotated to fit in hole Y, the player simply rotes the iPhone until they can get it to fit. This combine mental skills with their physical counterpart and can it be wrapped up in a good game design that encourages people to train their brain.

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